i was so boring these days..all my roomates were return 2 their pe lg byak sgt keje kne la bt dlu kang x tenteram nk blik...x pe save for the last mggu pose nnt ngan family ^_^
bru lg nikmat kerinduan i2 ehheh...

sbb kn boring + x de idea, g menyimpang lukis2..bkn nk bt keje...=P
nmpk 2 ha a2 kt blkang x pnh2 lukisan...huhu

at same time i was searching for drew seeley(the 1 who sing as zac efron in HSM)i saw
justin bieber video..hes 1 little cute kid...ya a kid this year he a 15..dude! too young for get too into him =P..but hes cute and he good singer~ i like~~ ^_^


  1. bese la...hehehe.. kte da lawa..hahaha~
    chantek2..n bgos skali.. kn3??

  2. argghhh... mane idea ni.. cpt la dtg.... mls plak yg dtg...haizzzz...>(


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