Wednesday, November 11, 2009

bad luck...=(

past 3 month i been study art direction...none of my sketches was approved~ i never been so down before.... last week i feel so so so down in my life...

i heart feel so in pain cause of this.... i cant even talk about this,i dont know how to explain
i want wanna cry but crying isnt bring me anywhere
i can't do artwork so bad,so stupid,im so slow pickup
i had no idea where i am going
the only thing that i do just hurting u(myself)
pls lend me a strength to do this over...and guide me to right thing
i cant keep do this to myself..i've lost confidence in my study..
what gonna happen to me in future??

eventho im down thx to mashi giving me an advise for this, im not giving up
and also others giving me support...

Thursday, November 5, 2009


these are new artwork in photoshop..i just wanna try colour the drawing ..kinda bored
drawing without colour it...
1. this is just new 2 me to doing love between boys..its actually from my frens idea
2. for my frens about love
3. just random guy

1 will try different style,so still learning ^_^

november 1..^_^

lunch at the curve with my family...

cant remember the restaurant name ..=P
the embarassing part is that i have to sing in front of my family and all the workers there!!! ohh my.. O_o malu gle kot!!!! x mau aku...pas2 dh la aku ni cpt lupe lirik mmg x igt la..tgh kabut2 2 pn lg la x leh igt lirik..slalu nyanyi pn pkai lirik misti lost haha XD

my present from my frens....actually the 1st pic was just pic no chocolate donut..
bukan nk bg dunat kedekut tul mira haha
tp sbelum 2 kne la nagn diorng mlam 2 kne blik bedak ngan telur..adui skit nya kepala ku kne telur!!! seyez skit kne 3 kali 2, x pecah2 telur..benjol kapla ku!!!
seriusly..nsb dh elok huhuh ^_^

btw thx mira,ika,sofia,lia,kak ain nagn sume la
and my parent for my birthday present

ahhh not to forget all my fren thats wish
eventho most of it from facebook =P
and also msg in hp