Friday, December 24, 2010


i have no idea being student/teenage(well not that teenage so much) is really hard....i feel i cant breathe every minute,my asthma is already gone u know...theres is no way im having hard breathing because of my lungs ...its been along time i've wrote in this blog...well i didnt log in lately cause mayb bz playing games adoii~
btw my english teacher miss baiti ask me to 2 blog as assignment..n the blog must be in english blog...i will the 3rd blog i guess ^^;

Monday, November 8, 2010

Convocation & holiday

im still in holiday yuuuuhuuu!!! then my convocation next i will continue my new semester as bachelor student in graphic design =D(cuak~~~ eyh so many hard subject to face!! help!!!)

November 21,2010 my convocation is comin up for my graduation as graphic design student in unisel =D tp buatnye di bestari jaya...aduiii....jauhnye nk pi sna
12 November g ambek jubah...pas2 rehearsal 19 november byak kali nk pi sna >_< sudden ="D" anymore ="D" path ="D" things ="D" style="text-align: center;">
this is vira 1st pic..sory la x pose biase xDD shes the 1 invited me 2 klanta =D
2nd frens mira =D die pn knl vira so i ask her to come =D

and of course iqi plan this he will come too..the 3rd pic yg bju ijo(klo nk tau mta die pn ijo xDD)
we had really2 great time in klantan!!! i never thought it would so much fun and...adventure O_o
ngeeee tp dpt release tensen!!!! uwaaa thx guys!!!! thx iqi for invited me!!! =DDD
ohhh the 4th pic... vira last in KL..cause she will returned 2 klantan...kt KLIA ni..
just 5 of us...iqi,vira,ash,shahrul and me ...x muat la kete nk sumbat byak2 kn heheh
ohhh that time leh la dikre celebrate my besday =D
i actually nk bwk diorng g ou ke curve ke ikea lwat sgt dh T^ its ok =D
beside vira brought us all over in klatan..x de all over but a lot places none stop!!! hehehhe we visit klantan just 1 time soo.. limited time there =DDD

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


this year is so lazy 2 do manual kad raya

zam mtk maaf kepada spe2 yg pnh skitkn ati dri kata2 atau perbuatan...
sgalan2nye mmg di bt atau x sengaja
tp hrap jgn smpn dlm ati....
luah2kn hehehehe =D

Friday, June 25, 2010

holiday ends

ya starting this monday my class will start and officially my holiday will ends!!! iyyaarrrghhhh x seronnye!!! ( ̄- ̄)ニ
anyway past those holiday i had a big rest...and the weird thing i dont feel wasting time or boring at all!!!!! yeay
( ̄▽ ̄)ノ i got stuff going on while i was at home...infact i dont want to go study yett~~~~ huhuhuh i miss my room and my family!

i paint my wall with purple! finally but err the colour too dark!!!!

but still purple so i dont care anymore!!!! i got soooo damn tired!!!! dh nk mampus hehehhehe
x nk dh cat2 x lrat dehhh~~~~ klo nk comment,comment la baek2 skit na...4 ari turut2 mengecat blik ini sorng2 amat la menyeksakan dri wooooooo T0T tp walaubagaimana pn im still proud what i've done 2 my room... \(^□^)/

and while melangokkn dri dpt gak la practice my drawing yeay99x!!!
4 jam2 trut2 pn x dak msalh..heheh sanrnye tgh pose jd fukus 2 x de la ase penat sgt hahhaha XDD....

hehhe these icon makes my addict to them!!!!
(・_・ ) ( ・_・) d(^_^) Σ(゚Д゚|||) \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ ヽ`、ヽ`ヽ(* ̄o ̄*)>ヽ`、ヽ ((((ヽ(`0´)ノ))) hahahha really cute kawaiii~~~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

outing yeay!

these days i always went out just for fun...its been a long time i didnt go anywhere since my final was like in the cave!!! x leh g mne2 uish x lrat ..skang ni gian plak kuar...from the day 1 im having bbq,then go cineleisure for movies, bukit cerakah with lectures & frens, going out with housemate...^___^ it was so much fun!!!
the 1st happy days...bbq days

we have a really goodtime! i will miss this!

i have no idea why those 2 turning back....

together with zaf, putsi and mash...arent they lovely!

of course my fav group for 3 years SSB!
from left nisa,me,fara & mash
i gonna miss them all!!!

going for movies!! went to all places ikea,the curve and cineleisure!!!!

a pose!

trust me... because of the camera yg smangat 2!!! i need to be in the camera hahaha XD

went to bukit cerakah for 1st time..dude i wearing sandals not shoes!!! its very very pain!!!! and the pain still feel until trus kn je sbb seronok tgk diorng x kn nk rosakkn keadaan.. tgk en izham dh pengsan tgh jlan hahah XD spe sorng lg 2 pengsan???
sian jaja pucat gle muke...curam gle bukitnye pn!!!

we saparate into 2 groups...en izham tui2 nmpk cm 1 of the student huhhu

mash,pn irin and me (pn irin photographernye) ^_^

after bukit cerakah,swimming then we dinner at sunny kot..lpe dh nme tmptn ye but the char kuey teow sgt sdp!!! i like~~ sume muke penat

Going out with my housemate...k.misha plak cuti time 2..wah terbaek la...

i just wanna try my red lens?? so how?? heee

went to daiso ^_^ k.ain ske ngan payung ye...

my red eyes...after i pay my stuff in daiso..the cashier looking at me shockingly!
aku pn trus lari la pe lg!!! huhu

in this pic i really look scary!!! with lia(ulfa) & jo

going out again for karaoke!!! at alam central


nikmati pemandangan!

hehehhehehe i had so much fun!!! these week i had 3 more plan going out with my old frens,with ptpl frens+unisel,...cant wait!!!! >_<
kyaaaaa i miss my old roomates so mucchhhh!!!mira n ika... i wish i could go out with them again!!! they live so far in penang having practical training...
i been searching thier photo together with me ,cant look any recent pic hmmm....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


asyk klas2~~~ bt keje2 huhuhh but...

last nite its was the best memory with dg03!!! all of us having bbq kt galeri....i love being in my batch..hehhe dlu sume x kenal ,ble dh skali dlm dewan yg sejuk i2....dpt mengenali setiap sorng ...ade la skit yg x bpe nk igt nme but igt muke ye~ heheheheh n ngan pn eli pn dpt kenal dpt erat lg...dlu sgt takut nk jmpe die n slalu pi negative psl pn.eli...skang ase syg kt die sgt2!!! i guess some people said the person that we hated most thats the person we love ^__^ pn . eli siap name i..sgt2 terharu....and she cry when farewell malam 2....sgt2 terharu ble ketua program nangis utk kte..haaaa cm nk nangis plak type ni..adui than2~~~

nak tq jugak kt pn.irin and en izham the best lec i ever had!!! without them i wont be standing as graduate student in unisel....tq1000X msak pn hebat mereka ni~~ and mashitah othman sbb kteorng slalu grak bersma nk siap kn keje so die la yg beside me along the final..she's been supportive...tq...
so many people that i want tq .. not 2 forget my parent support my finance status..hehehh klo x, x de la duit nk print2~~~ my ssb frens...we been together since 1st sem...amer my only leader in class..he really2 a good in leardership heheh...ble nk jd lebh baek ni amer?
putsi and jaja..mck kantin mse diploma show...without thems theres no food!!.... ong..mse bbq sgt rajin x mo grak dri tmpt bkar2 ayam 2..ayam x ptus dimsak sbb beliau fm production frens...because of them i had new frens...walaupn cm pe kt fm hahahah XD....en.yusuf supervisor mse practical...he really2 good designer!! bdk2 umah k.ain, jo , lia , k.suba.k.winnie thx dtg kt diploma tgk artwork i g2...n lia asyk promote kt kwan2 die kt booth aku..adui bt malu je..huhu byak lg booth laen lia oiii...^_^ jo n lia siap bwk makanan minuman lg sbb tkut aku x mkan lg..sgt baek tq!!!! aliyia yg dri jauh pn dtg tgk...i wish i could bring my parent come along....

lots of experience that i gain from things around me...teach me 2 become orng yg lebh berguna and lbh berpengalaman dalm graphic design..i wont stop... i want 2 do until i reach my dreams ...mse mule mcm x tau ape 2 graphic design...sbb dlu ske lukis design2 ni cmne la kn...once i learn i know lots of things that i can do beautifully accordings my style and my way... i think im going the right directions....

pic of all of us....with photography gonna miss them!
my classmate ^____^ love them!

group a + dg03...i gonna miss u guys!!! hope sume dapat jd graphic designer yg bgus!!!__ nnt jgn lupe aku plak ye..=P

ps: en izham cpt la master ajar kami d degree!!! & pn irin cpt2 dpt baby!!!!! heheheh

Saturday, March 20, 2010

hmmmm...negative thinking again T_T

adeh...gmna ni..nk final je mule la pikir bukan truk tul aku ni...cmne nk hdapi idup mse keje ni tkutnye~~~
cm biase kne reject lg keje utk final..x abh2 ati x tenang...kt umah swa pn byak msalah...pokono ni....
jelesnye tgk blog syaz die de g spain!!! sonoknye...lme dh x cuti...damn klo x dpt g tioman mggu ni tp final x lpas2 x dpt nk g sddhnnnyee~~~~

dahaganye nk minum ngeeee =D
*bukan nk nulis abh dlu =P

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Paramore in Singapore!

ohh my!!! i wan to go to the concert!!!! i love them! i thought i want to save up my money 1st..x menyempat plak dh dkt2 dgt diorng ni! huhuhuh
tp dlam kedaan gni x dpt den nk!
i guess waiting them until they come 2 malaysia!!
i will buy the best seat!!! hahha XDD
prasan jek!

got new video of them! so goooood unplugged!!!!
but there no misguided ghost song and The Only Exception =(
anyway the do another single the only exception..
mayb few more month they release music video..cant wait! ehe
*bad english =P

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

mentally tired~~

another month and year that i will getting tired every single day...after come back from practical at 6 o'clock..not enought problems from there also i went home also got very very tired...dh x lrat dh ni ase cm nk kuar umah... nk blik umah!!! INDU SGT !!! adeh...
dlu2 klo blik umah sewa x sbo je nk blik..this time i dont think i like any places except my hometown!!!
im so anxious want to go home and jump on my lovely bed~~~~ (-_-)ZZZzzzz....its just like a dream these days...
asal eyh?? x tau la orng kte dunia dewasa ni mcm2 nk igt nk bt..more resposibility....heiiii~~~

is it am a spoiler kid?? well i thought i pn ade gak ckp..since my parent have a good financial status...they really nice parent and lovely parent..i ade abg2 yg baek, adek yg baek..they not really troublesome i dont have any quite bad memories..just few..i mean not that kind like kne blasah ke x de kasih syg or whatsoever...parent masalah ke.... all status are good..
so i will be spoiler kid x pernah ase ssh,duit x ptus, x de ase msalh,manja,x tau hormat orng, kuang ajo,x tau bhase,x bersyukur,mtk je dpt,x dgr ckp, x reti bt keje,x reti msak(ok this 1 probably 80% correct =P),x reti mengemas,pemalas,sgala2ney yg buruk la!
but when look around me there are more people r spoiler than me! ok! sometimes just annoyed me so much! i need 2 do all the things my self! pls dont let me to ur stuff..i hate it!!!
if u guys dont know, i can teach!!! bkn nye x leh blaja ,leh blaja kn smpi ble nk orng bt kn...
i dont care if u guys think im selfish ,mmg la dri aku...kdang2 x kisah la..nk tlun kn..i have limit on this stuff too..byak gak x tau tp byak gak aku blaja ...orng x nk tlun pn de..x kisah blaja je...
duit2 ye aku mmg gle duit klo de byak kn bgus! mmg la dunia skang duit 2 penting...even my dad dont easily give money to me ok!!! but study he willing to give any amount...i wish i can quickly had my own money so i can use by my own will.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


ari ni mlas na....x tau la knp...ase cm nk baring kene g keje adeh~~

waduh2 burink na blog aku hahhah x de mnde nk x de la exited mne hahahah XD
tp gedik nk tulis gak hahah =P
lntak la blog aku...klo nk bce ,bce...x mo sdh ^_^

Thursday, January 21, 2010

burinkk ZZZzzz~~~

ni kes burink la ni dh smpi aku leh update slalu..slalunye jrang na aku nk update blog huhuh

wanna try colour using tablet ^_^
i start luvin n luvin it everytime i use it!!! uwaaa
ni sje la nk tye bt orng yg bertudung...slalu orng ckp cik x reti lukis orng bertudung..bkn g2...sje ske lukis orng bermbut sbb nk bt rmbut 2 seronok dilukis heheh =P

ari ni makn maggi sjak ..skit prut ku...adeh...nk g beli mkan pn mlas..yela 2 orng je kt umah...sdh woo..lonely~~~ ehehhe

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

weeee happiest day!!! ^_^

i got my 1st drawing tablet!!!! besh nk mati!!! yg diidam2kn slama ini!! heheh akhirnye!!! gemiras gils!!! hahaha
now i cant get away from it~~~ alamak!
pe2 pn cik akan cube yg terbaek!!

1st attempt i know bruk ..1st2 mmg la! ssh kot nk control!!
leh la awal2 lg dh lme2 skit nnt better =P
*thx 2 my parent for giving this!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

paramore!!! yay!!

hahahhah lately listen to paramore again n again n again!!! hahahaha
never get tired of their music tho!
i love every single music their produce!!! some of them hayley write the lyric!!! awsome!! or all of them? cant remember heheh =P
even when i 1st got their concert i watch like 20 times!!! hehehe

ps: sowi la kpd2 siapa yg cik x blas ka x msg apa ka kn..heheheh bz practical la plak heheh
nnt klo de duit dan sgla2nye aku kuar smpi pengsan pn jd heheheh ^_^v

i miss u guys- mira,ika,supia,lia,liza,mash,fara,nisa,zaf,ct,wan,diana,amer n the gang n bdk klas aku laen byak sgt name! heheh =P,ohh x lpe lec2 en izham,pn irin,en rini,cik liza,cik rina,pak mad,prof...pdahal slalu gak jmpe dkt je hehe gedik2 je ni...(unisel)
-syaz,fara,faten,syahirah,shireen,shifa,lina,seha,fiza,nonie,ada,watie,fara,onah,bintang,fiqa,along,kak along...bdk2 klas km3 juga!
waduh nk taip sume aku x igt!!! O_O cpt lupe tui! sowii~~
ark my lovely cozin msg la aku oii!!! syap jak heheh

adui tringat zaman2 lama plak time2 ni heheh ^_^...indu tui O_o


again im worried about future~~
man i keep having bad time...when good will come to me!!! ayaa~~
im stress enough about my final now so many stuff im in bad situasion...soon i will moved out cause my landlord are gonna let go og my rented house..i keep thingking what i will be in future? what kind of job i can gain more money? will people take me work? i will end up? ayaaa~~
i have no experince in anything...damn!
i need to go home release my tension!!
soon i will go home...home sweet home~~~ hehhehe
i miss my family~~ =D

i had great time practical it just lots of time only designing!!! my mind gonna blow out!
weeee hrap abh cpt...x sbo nk abh~~hehe =P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

practical training!!!

im so scare to go practical training...i head so many headache these days thinking about this..

it must be i've been down and frustrated about my final last sem...i keep thinking how bad am i in study..and stuff...urrghhh...the thing is my result are just great i dont know why i dont have any confidence to go my practical...ayaaa... the words that coming from my lec been hunting me since then...why i cant just forget this thing~~ usually im good in forgeting things...=P

anyway i hope im doing fine in practical and~ also for my frens outhere who are also will do practical training good luck k!!!
do ur best!!!!! owwhhh klo de yg nangis 2 jgn x cte,cte!!! hehehehe mna la tau kn..
klo de adpt alaun 2 pe lg aii...jgn lpe orng disini hehehe ^_^ blanja2 la~~