practical training!!!

im so scare to go practical training...i head so many headache these days thinking about this..

it must be i've been down and frustrated about my final last sem...i keep thinking how bad am i in study..and stuff...urrghhh...the thing is my result are just great i dont know why i dont have any confidence to go my practical...ayaaa... the words that coming from my lec been hunting me since then...why i cant just forget this thing~~ usually im good in forgeting things...=P

anyway i hope im doing fine in practical and~ also for my frens outhere who are also will do practical training good luck k!!!
do ur best!!!!! owwhhh klo de yg nangis 2 jgn x cte,cte!!! hehehehe mna la tau kn..
klo de adpt alaun 2 pe lg aii...jgn lpe orng disini hehehe ^_^ blanja2 la~~