mentally tired~~

another month and year that i will getting tired every single day...after come back from practical at 6 o'clock..not enought problems from there also i went home also got very very tired...dh x lrat dh ni ase cm nk kuar umah... nk blik umah!!! INDU SGT !!! adeh...
dlu2 klo blik umah sewa x sbo je nk blik..this time i dont think i like any places except my hometown!!!
im so anxious want to go home and jump on my lovely bed~~~~ (-_-)ZZZzzzz....its just like a dream these days...
asal eyh?? x tau la orng kte dunia dewasa ni mcm2 nk igt nk bt..more resposibility....heiiii~~~

is it am a spoiler kid?? well i thought i pn ade gak ckp..since my parent have a good financial status...they really nice parent and lovely parent..i ade abg2 yg baek, adek yg baek..they not really troublesome i dont have any quite bad memories..just few..i mean not that kind like kne blasah ke x de kasih syg or whatsoever...parent masalah ke.... all status are good..
so i will be spoiler kid x pernah ase ssh,duit x ptus, x de ase msalh,manja,x tau hormat orng, kuang ajo,x tau bhase,x bersyukur,mtk je dpt,x dgr ckp, x reti bt keje,x reti msak(ok this 1 probably 80% correct =P),x reti mengemas,pemalas,sgala2ney yg buruk la!
but when look around me there are more people r spoiler than me! ok! sometimes just annoyed me so much! i need 2 do all the things my self! pls dont let me to ur stuff..i hate it!!!
if u guys dont know, i can teach!!! bkn nye x leh blaja ,leh blaja kn smpi ble nk orng bt kn...
i dont care if u guys think im selfish ,mmg la dri aku...kdang2 x kisah la..nk tlun kn..i have limit on this stuff too..byak gak x tau tp byak gak aku blaja ...orng x nk tlun pn de..x kisah blaja je...
duit2 ye aku mmg gle duit klo de byak kn bgus! mmg la dunia skang duit 2 penting...even my dad dont easily give money to me ok!!! but study he willing to give any amount...i wish i can quickly had my own money so i can use by my own will.


  1. hey zam cha.. what's wrong?
    mentally tired?
    will u tell me what's wrong?
    what happen to ya?
    who the spoiler kids..
    yg ermm
    kw ckp bole ajar..
    the one that u said..
    he or she wants u to do their task?

  2. this is the world we are living in..
    lately its too mentally and physically tiring..
    sbo jela eyh zam...
    klu ak mau jer plangkung tp mngenangkn mu yg slalu brsamanya...huhu
    ahakz..smakin byk artwork mu..
    acehh tablet bru..hehe
    alor...ritu x tgk pn tablet ko!
    lpe owh!hahaha


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