Paramore in Singapore!

ohh my!!! i wan to go to the concert!!!! i love them! i thought i want to save up my money 1st..x menyempat plak dh dkt2 dgt diorng ni! huhuhuh
tp dlam kedaan gni x dpt den nk!
i guess waiting them until they come 2 malaysia!!
i will buy the best seat!!! hahha XDD
prasan jek!

got new video of them! so goooood unplugged!!!!
but there no misguided ghost song and The Only Exception =(
anyway the do another single the only exception..
mayb few more month they release music video..cant wait! ehe
*bad english =P


  1. hoho...yela..paramore is coming to sngapore...nk wat gimana...kmo next time la eyh..
    pray for big bang, hope we have enough money at that time...XDDD ^^

  2. hahaha msti la promote..heheh
    nk la jua breathe under water..
    duk kt ats darat ni duk skit ati jer..hahahaha
    under water sejuk cket..hati pn sejuk..haha

  3. hahaha btol2..
    kte mang ske naa bsama2..haha
    tp dpt kte bsdih2 sme2..hahaha
    nk wat gimana weyh...nk xnk kte kne gak la truskn idup..hehehe..
    nt cbe ko duk afrika ke...ak nk tgk jd x kte nyer telepathy ni...haha


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