Sunday, May 23, 2010

outing yeay!

these days i always went out just for fun...its been a long time i didnt go anywhere since my final was like in the cave!!! x leh g mne2 uish x lrat ..skang ni gian plak kuar...from the day 1 im having bbq,then go cineleisure for movies, bukit cerakah with lectures & frens, going out with housemate...^___^ it was so much fun!!!
the 1st happy days...bbq days

we have a really goodtime! i will miss this!

i have no idea why those 2 turning back....

together with zaf, putsi and mash...arent they lovely!

of course my fav group for 3 years SSB!
from left nisa,me,fara & mash
i gonna miss them all!!!

going for movies!! went to all places ikea,the curve and cineleisure!!!!

a pose!

trust me... because of the camera yg smangat 2!!! i need to be in the camera hahaha XD

went to bukit cerakah for 1st time..dude i wearing sandals not shoes!!! its very very pain!!!! and the pain still feel until trus kn je sbb seronok tgk diorng x kn nk rosakkn keadaan.. tgk en izham dh pengsan tgh jlan hahah XD spe sorng lg 2 pengsan???
sian jaja pucat gle muke...curam gle bukitnye pn!!!

we saparate into 2 groups...en izham tui2 nmpk cm 1 of the student huhhu

mash,pn irin and me (pn irin photographernye) ^_^

after bukit cerakah,swimming then we dinner at sunny kot..lpe dh nme tmptn ye but the char kuey teow sgt sdp!!! i like~~ sume muke penat

Going out with my housemate...k.misha plak cuti time 2..wah terbaek la...

i just wanna try my red lens?? so how?? heee

went to daiso ^_^ k.ain ske ngan payung ye...

my red eyes...after i pay my stuff in daiso..the cashier looking at me shockingly!
aku pn trus lari la pe lg!!! huhu

in this pic i really look scary!!! with lia(ulfa) & jo

going out again for karaoke!!! at alam central


nikmati pemandangan!

hehehhehehe i had so much fun!!! these week i had 3 more plan going out with my old frens,with ptpl frens+unisel,...cant wait!!!! >_<
kyaaaaa i miss my old roomates so mucchhhh!!!mira n ika... i wish i could go out with them again!!! they live so far in penang having practical training...
i been searching thier photo together with me ,cant look any recent pic hmmm....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


asyk klas2~~~ bt keje2 huhuhh but...

last nite its was the best memory with dg03!!! all of us having bbq kt galeri....i love being in my batch..hehhe dlu sume x kenal ,ble dh skali dlm dewan yg sejuk i2....dpt mengenali setiap sorng ...ade la skit yg x bpe nk igt nme but igt muke ye~ heheheheh n ngan pn eli pn dpt kenal dpt erat lg...dlu sgt takut nk jmpe die n slalu pi negative psl pn.eli...skang ase syg kt die sgt2!!! i guess some people said the person that we hated most thats the person we love ^__^ pn . eli siap name i..sgt2 terharu....and she cry when farewell malam 2....sgt2 terharu ble ketua program nangis utk kte..haaaa cm nk nangis plak type ni..adui than2~~~

nak tq jugak kt pn.irin and en izham the best lec i ever had!!! without them i wont be standing as graduate student in unisel....tq1000X msak pn hebat mereka ni~~ and mashitah othman sbb kteorng slalu grak bersma nk siap kn keje so die la yg beside me along the final..she's been supportive...tq...
so many people that i want tq .. not 2 forget my parent support my finance status..hehehh klo x, x de la duit nk print2~~~ my ssb frens...we been together since 1st sem...amer my only leader in class..he really2 a good in leardership heheh...ble nk jd lebh baek ni amer?
putsi and jaja..mck kantin mse diploma show...without thems theres no food!!.... ong..mse bbq sgt rajin x mo grak dri tmpt bkar2 ayam 2..ayam x ptus dimsak sbb beliau fm production frens...because of them i had new frens...walaupn cm pe kt fm hahahah XD....en.yusuf supervisor mse practical...he really2 good designer!! bdk2 umah k.ain, jo , lia , k.suba.k.winnie thx dtg kt diploma tgk artwork i g2...n lia asyk promote kt kwan2 die kt booth aku..adui bt malu je..huhu byak lg booth laen lia oiii...^_^ jo n lia siap bwk makanan minuman lg sbb tkut aku x mkan lg..sgt baek tq!!!! aliyia yg dri jauh pn dtg tgk...i wish i could bring my parent come along....

lots of experience that i gain from things around me...teach me 2 become orng yg lebh berguna and lbh berpengalaman dalm graphic design..i wont stop... i want 2 do until i reach my dreams ...mse mule mcm x tau ape 2 graphic design...sbb dlu ske lukis design2 ni cmne la kn...once i learn i know lots of things that i can do beautifully accordings my style and my way... i think im going the right directions....

pic of all of us....with photography gonna miss them!
my classmate ^____^ love them!

group a + dg03...i gonna miss u guys!!! hope sume dapat jd graphic designer yg bgus!!!__ nnt jgn lupe aku plak ye..=P

ps: en izham cpt la master ajar kami d degree!!! & pn irin cpt2 dpt baby!!!!! heheheh