outing yeay!

these days i always went out just for fun...its been a long time i didnt go anywhere since my final project...it was like in the cave!!! x leh g mne2 uish x lrat ..skang ni gian plak kuar...from the day 1 im having bbq,then go cineleisure for movies, bukit cerakah with lectures & frens, going out with housemate...^___^ it was so much fun!!!
the 1st happy days...bbq days

we have a really goodtime! i will miss this!

i have no idea why those 2 turning back....

together with zaf, putsi and mash...arent they lovely!

of course my fav group for 3 years SSB!
from left nisa,me,fara & mash
i gonna miss them all!!!

going for movies!! went to all places ikea,the curve and cineleisure!!!!

a pose!

trust me... because of the camera yg smangat 2!!! i need to be in the camera hahaha XD

went to bukit cerakah for 1st time..dude i wearing sandals not shoes!!! its very very pain!!!! and the pain still feel until now...tp trus kn je sbb seronok tgk diorng x kn nk rosakkn keadaan.. tgk en izham dh pengsan tgh jlan hahah XD spe sorng lg 2 pengsan???
sian jaja pucat gle muke...curam gle bukitnye pn!!!

we saparate into 2 groups...en izham tui2 nmpk cm 1 of the student huhhu

mash,pn irin and me (pn irin photographernye) ^_^

after bukit cerakah,swimming then we dinner at sunny kot..lpe dh nme tmptn ye but the char kuey teow sgt sdp!!! i like~~ sume muke penat

Going out with my housemate...k.misha plak cuti time 2..wah terbaek la...

i just wanna try my red lens?? so how?? heee

went to daiso ^_^ k.ain ske ngan payung ye...

my red eyes...after i pay my stuff in daiso..the cashier looking at me shockingly!
aku pn trus lari la pe lg!!! huhu

in this pic i really look scary!!! with lia(ulfa) & jo

going out again for karaoke!!! at alam central


nikmati pemandangan!

hehehhehehe i had so much fun!!! these week i had 3 more plan going out with my old frens,with ptpl frens+unisel,...cant wait!!!! >_<
kyaaaaa i miss my old roomates so mucchhhh!!!mira n ika... i wish i could go out with them again!!! they live so far in penang having practical training...
i been searching thier photo together with me ,cant look any recent pic hmmm....


  1. uish...ingatkan red eyes sebb flash..then tgk sama je...dah la gi jegilkan mata...kalo sy jumpa tepi jalan dah langgar dah...


  2. hahahaha rindu kn kt ak...ak pown indu hang..hehe itula jrang na kte kua amik gmbo..hehe omma pn xske amik gmbo..bgitula...xpa2 len kli kte amik manyak2..hehe


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