Convocation & holiday

im still in holiday yuuuuhuuu!!! then my convocation next i will continue my new semester as bachelor student in graphic design =D(cuak~~~ eyh so many hard subject to face!! help!!!)

November 21,2010 my convocation is comin up for my graduation as graphic design student in unisel =D tp buatnye di bestari jaya...aduiii....jauhnye nk pi sna
12 November g ambek jubah...pas2 rehearsal 19 november byak kali nk pi sna >_< sudden ="D" anymore ="D" path ="D" things ="D" style="text-align: center;">
this is vira 1st pic..sory la x pose biase xDD shes the 1 invited me 2 klanta =D
2nd frens mira =D die pn knl vira so i ask her to come =D

and of course iqi plan this he will come too..the 3rd pic yg bju ijo(klo nk tau mta die pn ijo xDD)
we had really2 great time in klantan!!! i never thought it would so much fun and...adventure O_o
ngeeee tp dpt release tensen!!!! uwaaa thx guys!!!! thx iqi for invited me!!! =DDD
ohhh the 4th pic... vira last in KL..cause she will returned 2 klantan...kt KLIA ni..
just 5 of us...iqi,vira,ash,shahrul and me ...x muat la kete nk sumbat byak2 kn heheh
ohhh that time leh la dikre celebrate my besday =D
i actually nk bwk diorng g ou ke curve ke ikea lwat sgt dh T^ its ok =D
beside vira brought us all over in klatan..x de all over but a lot places none stop!!! hehehhe we visit klantan just 1 time soo.. limited time there =DDD


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