Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hello mr.brooks

early in the morning... i miss hearing mr.brooks song.. >_< i need his song to fill my dup2 huhuh
ok 1st of all i want say happy birthday sun ..last night we celebrate a bit with chocolate cake.. hope his happy walaupn x de la nk bling2 bedak ke pe kn...
huhuh x de gambo lg x transfer.. later i post entry about his birthday with vid~(sjak production2 ni asik video je xP)x ambek lg kt mash =.= smlam tdo lmbat, nok la ni! siap kne mrah suh tdo hahahahah xD

anyway ada tertusuk gak smlam...i heard it one of my frens said... well maybe some people will think of it...but its ok..its just u know only me know my feeling about it.. i promise to myself.. and to my late brother...hmmm i really miss him...
its been almost 3 years...

back to reality dude!!! kk almost finish uploading music video reality dan fantasy~~
sbbkn ramai nk tgk ni upload2 cpt ...kt cinemini x tyang kn haaaa mai2 kte tgk over here

Monday, December 19, 2011


purple apple = apupple should be my lappy name sounds cute eyh huhuhhu >_< lets make him be my new partner as designer whuahahahhaha i will having really good time with him =D still need time to gentle with him =)

thats quote above should be a fresh ones or to be eaten hahahhaha mlas nk btul kn...lantak pi la, it shows to myself actually.... whether i am ready for new semester or be beaten up for this semester =.="

i definitely got beaten last sem...for real....
today... i went to cinemini...i know! i said i don't want to but i did...=.=" anyway... i realize that even i hate it very much but seeing my frenss around me so happily for me got me thinking other way... i should be grateful... we won 4 awards for acah-acah production(i have no idea how???)... huhuhhu

seriously apupple!! come on! he keep correcting my spelling prob...alaaaa orng nk memang nk tulisan cm2 la cengih!! _

Saturday, December 17, 2011

good and bad news

well lets start with good news =)
look this cake!!!! oiiishiii!!!!! hhahahah i made it my self!!!! really delicious cake..its cheese...usually i don't eat cheese but this cake not bad... its called red velvet >_<
i want to give my frens especially behavio and mugen =D
hrap smpt bg sbelum abh ahhahahahaha xD

ok the bad news for me! well tomolo is cinemini event... i don't want to go! let's make sure i don't go... i keep having 2nd thoughts of it... beside its not our production vid in the list... =.= thats kinda sad at least should be in the list.. its does not matter we win or not just in the list so the people in vid can see it themselves sighhhh...
serabut abh hidup lpas last sem... i can't keep organize in everything... i keep off the track... what should i do... do list? make a schedule?? i keep feeling like something is missing in my heart...it is not a great feel in i tell ya... seriously....=(

Friday, December 9, 2011


my recent artwork... lack of everything... well I'm trying using new software actually... corel painting...its not easy as sai though...VERY different =( but what to do... i need to learn it from the beginning..... anyway....actually its quite interesting software tho.... i kind like it but i need time to get use to it....
i feel like in the pic right now...only my hearts know why... i don't want to think about it... i will just feel anger and sadness growing in me

hirari hirai by miku

Saturday, December 3, 2011


today was a bit special..its my parent wedding anniversary...well i didnt remember at 1st.... =.= my mom tell me in the car...i bet my dad forgot about this date 4/12... i was hoping diorng g dinner ber2 romantik skit huhuhuhuh.... but end up going out with m and my brother xP.... adooiii

well we spend together going at pc fair.... huuuu my wishlist does not available at pc FAIR!!! shooot i could have it by now~~ but its ok i just be patient... guess what i havent actually see my result yet..i am too afraid to see my result for last sem...seriously i feel like shittt!!! >=o
i feel like i am not moving foward from what i really want... sighhh this is seriously cm pe...sedih sgt ni...i feel like mood on, i getting....i dont knowww.....
i really do love graphic i love to make design... but sitting on my bench for hours sound really sucks! ya its really sucks.. feel like ur whole body gonna break...thats why i really need a break this holiday.. i was hoping i can get good vacation.... ha im asking too much..i knoww.... x bersyukur pn la ko ni zammm.. truk daaa ni =.=

anyway... past few days... well i sat with people who does mlm... i guess mlm people are really desperate.... i still DONT CAREEEEE about ur s**t f****ing businesss i love my studies i own my diploma by myself i had my parent lecturers n frens beside me to walk those path... i still not believe why those people thoughts that they can drag me into mlm... i still dont care about people that got 30-60k in a month! i want to do GRAPHIC!!... i jus...t.... didnt find it myself in the path yet.... i knewwww i will be taking a long journey to be in the top designer....ya last sem i becoming weak and weak... i always in bad mood. keep getting mad for no reason, not a very good quality for my work, i cant! even feel the mood while i doing my major...=( i feel not myself at the time... i am not very happy for last sem... i didnt get enough rest... i just need get away...

i knew that i love manga/anime or whatsoever wont take me the further step...i love draw figure, faces and beautiful faces, people...
i knew... i knewww better than any1 else knew.... but its not i gonna use it but it will be my 1 of my tools to give my best..... i mayb the one of lowest in the list but i wont let it be my weakness...

ones will fall but to stand up takes a hardwork.

seriously... my mood for drawing... well Mvirus~~~~~~~ =.=

Sunday, November 27, 2011

you make me high

Mr.brooks MR.broooks MR.BBROOOOKKSS!!! >_<

cover from him! you make me high from jason mraz in 2008! HAHAHA lmbt bnau eden tau die ni.... hmmmm he sounds like jazz singer tho~~

Saturday, November 26, 2011


new obsession new mood! hahahahaha my mood slowly coming back
walaupun lukisan mlas je ni~~

hai mr.rain

why mr rain...cause its raining now heheheheh xP
i writing this because its raining outside and its feel nice~~
hujan rahmat 2 =D

anyway..i got obsesses with another singer hahahah thx to kila again~~~ hahahaah xD
here mr broooooooooks pls have a sit...hahaha xD berangan je aku bru mkan buah brangan la td hahhahaha (ketuk kepala sndri)

the 1st song i love was holes inside...more n more i dig theres more song that i love to hear which is superman( sbb die cute je hahaha...tp next song i love his song someday(ok) LOVE IT!!!!! >_< catchy song tooo~~~

mempersembahhhhhhkannn...MR BROOKS!
(ceh cm aku bt cinemini sume de mempersembahkan haha xD

ok2 i know its koreannn shows thats the only video i found with good quality annnnnnnnn have lyrics too! how cool its that, leh nyanyi skali klo aku tgk entry ni ahhahaha xD

Thursday, November 24, 2011

need anti virus for Mvirus

eghhhh here's the thing im getting infected with virus M....perghhhhhh dh bpe ari ni msh x terubat2 ni T^T canggane~~~~ getting worried result will coming out this 30th november...dgr cte la....ble chat ngan bdk klas td makin RISAUUUUUUU menjd2!! O.o

adddddddddddddddddddooiiiiiii~~~ dh la the Mvirus getting spread like s***!!! DUDEEEE!! i need my mood back...canggane nk study klo the Mvirus duk melekat *^*
register online 2 dis
comeback 13 dis... i think so.... just fewwww weeks at my home sweet home!!! ( naik kn bdan de la blik umah T^T) brai camni......

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding day

to my lovely cousin kak ina and her husband
selamat pengantin bru >_< semoga kekal sepanjang hayat
its was lovely wedding.

kak ina santik angat!!!! ^_^
hahhahahaha aku bwk bhasse sun la nii ke perlis jauh naaaa shedaaakkknyee~~~

baju pengantin ke-2 huhuhh
i was actually confuse which colour was for the wedding theme =.=" maklum la mne tau pe2 dtg2 je dh canggitu...

pengantin lelaki tiba dgn rombangannye~ dan kemudian kami menunggu di tangga..hahahha xD x de pn sje bergmba smbil menunggu pengantin laki nk naik tangga 2..

mulenye akad nikah...uii pakcik gune ipad je modern abh huhuhuh
the bride must be nervous xP

with my cousins but only the green,yellow and purple bju kurung is my cousins... 2nd pic with my last brother =D

picture3x!!! =3 *click*

my only close cousin nana that same age with me..others sume kecil2 dan dh bsar =.="
more pic of us xP

baby ni cumeiii sgt2 addddoiii gram~~~~ tp pgg lme2 die nak nangis... *^*
nyaaa~~ >_<

poyo je mereka ni~~ huhuh

mak su~~~ die setaun muda tp dh tunang!!! >_< x lme lg la tuuuuu ehehhee
of course gediks santai kadang kala (bak kte adek, pompuan misti la gedik hahhaha O.o)

luv ur allll!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ muuaahhhhh

hahahhahahah cupcake pe lg!!!! POSEEEE!!!!

i miss spending with my family~~ lme dh x rasa cmni...asik bt asssigment je...rasa sdh gle nk blik ke rumah subang blik T^T tp nk bt canggane kne la blik...ni pn kngah x de SPM.... tgk makck2 yg tersyang kepoh2 psl calon2 hahahah xD addoiii mntg2 kenduri kawen tajuk sume psl calon *^*.. termsuk la aku kne gak yela along dh cm x nk lagi...lpas die eden lerrrrr~~~ pe celop calon pn x de lg...
mse kenduri join mck2 ku tnkap gmbo calon sblah mne ntah... xtau pn sbbkn anak die x de...jd nk bg gmbo calon kterong diminta ambek kn gmbo nk tnjuk kt anak die...huhuhuuh pe lg girls paparazii g2 huhuhuh~~ kejar2 ssh btul nk ambek gmbo dh 2 ramai2 nk terkam obvious naaaa huhuhuhuh....

skali lgi congratulation kina & her husband =)

Sunday, November 13, 2011


home sweet home...tp x tau knp rasa cm sedih...bkn sepatutnye rasa gembira ke??? thats what i thought... td kt rumah de patul,mash ngan kila... put well tau2 je la kemana eheeeee
rumah pn x abh kemas td....
hmmm next time came back later la... lgpn cuti x lme...
mayb aku rindu kt kwan2.... sjak sem ni rasa attach kt sume.... rasa nk spend time ngan sume... td cm brat je nk kuar rumah... g karok... tp x dpt swim td tp tetap gembira sggup braikn duit tp tmbh sweet moment... huuhhu eden nyanyi brai...aku ngan patul cm pe taik je....sume hebaq2! O.o put x sangka sore sodap na hahahhahaha xD beda tul ngan die ckp
indu behavio x dpt hang out last2 min T^T
others class mate pn rasa indu except yg x berkenaan la... sighhh.... aku rasa x nk smpi abh degree show... misti lpas ni x contact sgt ngan mmbr2.... last time mira ngan omma dh jrang nk jmpe T^T..... nsb degree de mash lg...ssb dh x de..... dlu ada la piqi cm sdh dh x de ssb yela 3 taun gak sme2 tp degree dh de mmbr lain mula rapat...then the person pernah cm admire bdk masalah di DUNIA... but all those bitter memory that i have slowing disappear.

blik kmpng perlis khamis ni..=/ mlasnye~~~

my status:
home : done
work - 2d:done
- consumer: done =(
- R.pack : done
- storyboring! : done cm lahanat
- major : done tp de smbungan =.="
friends : new + close =) / old friends : gomenne~~ asik bz je =(
drawing : mlas da sbb asik lukis storyboard je!!! busan dhhhhh
money: ......... HUTANG!!! x suke hutang2 =(
fb: games ngeee =D
blog : done
DA : mmg x la!
mental : almost give up
physical : getting better

ohhhhh lupe plak nk ckp psl birthday ari 2.... sgt sedih mule2 ntah probably usually i spend time with my family celebrate... at least gather with family but this year mse brthday kne duk dlm lab...seyez sume bz.. nk ajak mmbr2 g mkan pn x leh =(
then tibe2 je tgh2 bt keje leh mengalir plak.... tau cm pe je tp i cant control my feeling sedh sgt rasa.... the work never stop...
tp few days later behavio bt surprise plak... terkejut eden huhuuh terharu gak la... chot siap kasi gift handbag... dh lme die bg kek lapis kasi gift lain gak... terharu... mash pn komplot ptt ler cm lain mcm je rasa ^^;
tq again for that day guys chot iznie patul mash fazi =D muaahahhhh!!! eheeeeee kepoh sume2 nok2 2 ahhaha xD nk letak vidnye tp entry kali ni cm pnjg plak hahahhaha xD
thx to mash sbb rakam + edit

dalam sem ni cm2 jd.... sume rasa... msam manis pahit masin..... seyes sume ada.... so many sweet and bitter memory for this sem...
hrap result this time bt rasa gembira setelah kerja cm cilanat.
aduiiiii byak lg snarnye nk tulis n edit gmbooo tp tertdo2 plak time taip pe CELOPP!!!!???
i should go to bed...ZZzzzzz

Ps: director mugen hope can get better soon iso plak nengok lemah2 bdan ha...x baung rasa bila director kte ni cm dh lemau~ ^^v

Thursday, November 10, 2011

smiling moment

degree life....

i learn a lot of things....biase la proses learning bkn snang asik maki hamun je...ble piqi snarnye bnde ajaran kepada aku gak snarnye...
mse diploma dlu de mira n omma slalu bt aku glak ilang tensen mse blaja ....skang ni bebel2 kt member2 je degree ni hmpr2 dh nak ptus asa blaja...serious ssh blaja grafik... i dont even know that people saying graphic is easy... people see graphic as simple and people with low marks in spm can go this line...huh! g mampus sume 2 x benar pn~
tp snarnye aku suke blaja graphic...i feel it in my blood... i love and its really hard..so i still have a long way to go...

tq kt diorng ni bantu aku semase degree...sem ni sgt brat... these people give a lot support , laugh and lawak mengong hahhahaha xDDDD geng2 NOK2 pnt tp best ehe smpi sume nme ada nok kt dpan cothnyeeeeee...nok mashi nok fazi nok chot nok fathul nok kpop/iznie hahahhaha xD
slalu membebel ngan diorng cte kt diorng ni .... slalu ckp dlm diri x nk merungut tp x leh gak XDDD adoiiii nk ckp je =.=" sjak group muuku kterong slalu gelak sme2 eheeeee

ni mugen production best gak... utk art and storyboarding...seyez dlu igt subject ni bt storyboard je upenye hmpeh! addoii brai gle bt subject ni O.o
these all my members kecuali akhir skali blah kiri i2 ahli dichi michi 2!!! sesat hahahhaha xD
dichi michinye group la music video diorng kteorng serabai kn ahhahahah xD
abh palestin jd xP

anyway mmg best group ni asik glak je... walaubagaimana pn ada jua msalah2 yang dialami tp settlekn jugak klo x brai la group ni.... i feel happy to be in this group yela sume ok and msalah yang hadapi x de la setruk2nye cm yg lain....

i do my best for this group... brai abh aku bekerja *^* tp keja ttap keje.... me sebagai art director.... hahhah yg tgh 2 dh cm leader sbb kt tgh2, x de la yg bju warna biru is our director aka penkid pn leh bubbles pn leh xP
laki ke2 cameraman/kesinanbaung*nickname dlu hahaha... yg pling tggi 2 la,
our script writer plun2 untuk lpaskn kt en kamal...gurl pling kecik distu pgg clapperboard aka ucuk ahahahah xD

pas2 editor kami gurl yang berambut pnjang 2 beliau ni slalu baung ngan cameraman maklum la...msing2 assistant ,cameran ->asst. editor ,editor -> asst. cameraman..uihh shenn abh jawatan 2 xDD
last skali our producer yang pkai spek blah kanan. nme2 mereka crik sndri ehehhehe kasi shenn skit mystery~~~
seron ngan mereka =D tq gak kasi golak2 + experince with production

experience utk sem ni most probably mse production kowt... sentiase bergrak... ada je meeting ade je kuar duit ada je pergrakan ada je msg smpi x pn hp bunyi huhuhhuhu =.=" eden bkn kaki phone tp dh sntiasa ngan hp sjak production ni...pas2 bkn group ni je ada group laen 2d animation n consumer behavio...uih byak na group eden ni~~ O.o tp sedih x dpt bt 2d btul2..sbb brai sgt2 T^T~~
hhahahahha bahase2 ntah pe2 je, blaja dri bdk2 ni la xDD
annnnn.. i think i ** some1 too xP tp i couldnt never reach that person la... x pe la tgk dri jauh je pn ckup =3 huhu but when i gain to ** some1 also gain hate some1 =.=" (pengaruh fullmetal btul term of exchange)

lg 1 sem je.... last sem practical... lpas 2 zaman keje =.=... misti indu zaman university nnt...msa berjlan ngan laju je...umo pn meningkat TKUTTT!!! *^* cm x ready je nk naek2 umo lg xP
which place will i go??
haddoiiiii x yah piqi lg la zammm oiiii

leh than aku x pham pe aku tulis hahahhahah xD , truk btul lntak la dh tulis pe dlm hati mals nk ayat tul2


haaaa lme btul x update u ni LOH! soryyy la bz sgt2 cm nk mampus je rasa.... skang ase relax tp x relax sgt cmne 2? i donnt know... ble bz sgt3~~ skang dh reda skit tp x leh nk relax sbb de majo x anto2 lg... ini misti anakanda pak majo ni ,bpaknye sje je simpan hari nnt leh jmpe lg huhuhuh

ohhh well now i cant think we all already free because still have 1 more subject to clear... nak bt pn x de feel sbb dh mood cuti >_< addoiiii canggane ni~~~

sume jd mlas nk update blog mlas, melukis mlas, menaip mlas, aadddooiii truk sgt ni~~ sume mood ilang T^T

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

getting worst

i dont who i am anymore......

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

still standing

still standing but....eye bag. O.o

lotihhhh eden asik tdo lewat T^T
mau x bakal kene migrain truk ni =.="

Monday, October 10, 2011

Worry Is Killing Me

my worries never stop bugging me!!!! >_< riso psl cinimini/major 1/2d animation/packaging/ consumer behavior =(
really hates this feeling T^T i feel like stopp from studying! so many pressure need to handle!!! T^T i need relax but cant~~ even not enough sleep Zzzzzz
i starting having headache..... need to deal with so many people... how can i handle the situation =(
i really99x not good in this...

boleh ke aku get through utk sem ni......???

Friday, September 16, 2011

stressful sem

erghhhh all about cine**** S**t!!!!! klo bkn bnde alah 2 x de la idup aku kucar kacir! menyampah dh dgr! mmg x bangga pn nk bt haktui! the only thing makes me keep going i had great group and it is consider my subject too.... sometimes i just feel im at my limit..well we havent starting to shoot yet....x tau la mse pergambaran letih nk mampus! belum msuk editing lg...bkn kejap editing kot! hrap2 berjaya sume.....yela susah2 dahulu senang2 kemudian..... but not just cine**** S**t je de lg 4 more subject kot!! sume dh kemana sbb that thingy...last time lg la campaign sndri pn x igt dh nme! pergh!! prah dh 2....

i wanna draw....to let my stress out..i cant event hold my pencil draw like always *^*
i feel more stressful when comes about my rented house =(..... ntah la... bersaba je la zam..... i need to be strong as much as i can....
even my blog haven't update for while...
my deviantart...=(
can i watch fish in the tank all day??

Friday, August 26, 2011

raya gitu ^_^

thun ni raya cm x nak raya je cause of a lot of assignment yang x pnh2 nk stop!! O.o
anyway ble pg jlan tar ngan geng2 production ari 2 i feel something different ase cm nk raya sgt2!!! actually i miss my family...buka ngan diorng bpe kali je...but unfortunately
mlam g tar 2 cm gado ngan parent plak T^T...adehhhhh sedih ~~
g research smbil2 nk gak g crik brang2 utk raya kn... tp x pe la sume dh elok skit but i feel a bit sad my parent mad at me without good reason...

x pe la hari raya nnt maaf-maafan ^_^ cant wait to see all my cozen with great smile in the 1st day of raya whooohooo!!! dan hari merdeka!
dengan kesempatan ini ....nk mengucapkan selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin kepada family,rakan2 dan semua selepas sahaja sebulan berpuasa kte beraya berjumpa ngan sdara mara =D...jgn maen mercun byak sgt! kang conflit byak sgt oiiii....mintak maaf kepada sesiapa jika ada yang terasa dan pnh kecik hati ke tepukul ke tepuk2 maen g2 huhuhuhuh selalu x sengaja ngan nk je bt lg hahahahahah xD

kepada rakan2 unisel...walaupn cuti smmgu dan selepas i2 kene la keje keras lg...smpi muntah2 agaknye bt keje utk sem ni....mari kta cuti abh abesan utk mggu ni n enjoy!!!
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin
dari zam =D

Sunday, July 3, 2011


i miss attending gigs.... well i dont actually loyal on gigs performance all this years jut few gigs around here...never went gigs that held in KL.. well some people might think gigs where place u waste ur time listening loud music and so on..and do more sins.. well thats the reason im not that active attending those kind of stuff..these days those kind place our people always make unappropriated stuff..sigh...
i love the place full with crowd that exited when the music were started play..it does not matter of rock/punk music...i just love normal song and even slow music gig.. but still enjoyed the performance... especially our favourite band is perform upthere...is just amazing feeling that takes control my heart.... just awesome.... =)

Saturday, July 2, 2011


when theres the time i want to rise there always thing that holds me back... i cant even think straight for some reason...the deeper i think the deeper i lost...i wonder how lost will i be... i should take time think about my future...sighh i always think about my future but i end up in wrong path.... i cant reach if i stay this way =.= where should go and what should i do..i think i dont actually get want always want it...am i that greedy?? i dont satisfied for myself dammit! well my parent support me my friends always from why the hell im still not satisfied... i not archiving the want i really want for myself... the study well i really love graphic design but sometimes i think just want tp pass the pointer thats all... graduate well out would from university need that certificate to work...of course theres people can work without it... then what i really want??? do people really think that what they really want for themself??? or they just satisfied whatever they have right now... i always want to do something new for my self...but theres boundaries for that either i wont pass those limitation... i guess i still searching for it....what i want to do...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

holiday on june

haaaaa its been a week i have my holiday...well i kinda return to my parent house a bit late cause want to spend time before i gets grounded xDDD not grounded la actually but i need to stay at home =.= kinda hard being only girl in the house but still i love being a girl...a guy have a lots of responsibility =.="
since i didnt do anything i still want to draw...here my fast drawing about what i do lately~

well since i spent too much on FMAB this is what i get~~ hahahahhah xD its was awesome story too bad its already finish T^T aiiyahhh i gonna miss those 2 brothers edward & alphonse
but!!!! i love roy mustang!!!! kyaaa~~~~ >_< i love him!!!
he is so COOL!!! hahahhahah xD adooiii i just kyaaaa2 with anime character =.=" i should get real bf xDDDDD not a chance! hah! still love anime character xDDDD

isnt he cute~~~ kyaaa!!!!! >_<

after watch that anime..well i just realise back about those 7 deadly sins..sigh scary being human...those sins really scary~~
wrath in me not that in critical lvl, i only had my anger when i fought with brother...well long time ago ^^; usually when with my friends i had my anger inside haaaa still its hurt inside though...my pride...well depends i dont really care my pride that high...
greed...haaaaaa a lot of things i want...my greedy might be troublesome =.="
gluttony~~~ haaaaa i had that problem since i was little T^T
lust well its good thing im islam...something desire for sexual is forbidden unless we get married then we can have those feeling =.=

envy...haaaaaaaaa a lot of people around me have this feeling badly ...of course so do i..i really do have envy but....i just put inside me just stay there and not gonna let it out...let it become my inspiration to be better/great but i might fall from it either..i just hope i wont be person easily let my envy *^*
yaaaahhhh sloth....THIS IS truly all of us have it! i always sleep maannn im so lazy in a lot of things!!! *^* yabbeeee

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


haaaaa this is shayne orok....i like to hear him singing =D so cute!!!!!! >_<
seee he love letting his hair cover his face =.= but cute tooo XP

Saturday, June 11, 2011

admirable person

today i just saw fanpage for shayne orok post on his wall sayin that he is in KOREA for past 7 month... no wonder i didnt heard any news from him or have new video in youtube...i really like to follow what he done... i love his sweet song and his smile. love it! >_<

here is shayne orok..

since the 1st i saw him i was in love in his voice...well i dont about others but he has sweet voice eventhough it might not that great voice like others professional but his voice is really sweet like his heart...hehehe its not i known him like really known him but i just feel it..

he has great smile =) i love his smile..usually his hair is longer and the hair was covering his faces. he should not hid his face just because of his eyes. he is a cute person and great smile =D.
what i got admire from him because he is not perfect in his healthy problems. He has artificial on his left eyes if im not mistaken,maybe he private more about his personal things. thats not gonna stoping him do what he love to do. But still he has a lot of fan outhere is supporting him and i hope he has great future ahead of him. listening and seeing him do great what he love to do makes me so impress. The saddest thing while i follow shayne ..he did a video for his friends hoping to get better that have a health problem so i follow his friend too. but then after fews weeks i check back on his friends blog was gone and not exist ,youtube being private and stuff. I think his friends was past away *^*...since i follow his blog sayin he is fighting his health prob.... he even put doctor description telling him after his sugery he might gonna live for a long time... he having a lot of pain...yahhhhh really a sad blog to read. i should be grateful because im alive and can do what i want untill now.

past few month shayne take his career as a singer to korea...he also can play few instrument more to piono/ keayboard and he also write his own song! i think he join korean singing program >_< i dint know he can sing korean! >_< i almost didnt recognize him becuase of his hair style more to korean xDDD more cuterr of course =D
mayb in his some wont acknowlegde him because how his situation but others will acknowlegde him =)

credit pic: http://www.facebook.com/shayneorokfans

Monday, June 6, 2011


sigh.... drama thingy is so damn idiot....usually in story will have such a big complexity of line story...never knew that i can involve with such drama thingy too ^^;
but it i guess i can learn things and also my life is not that boring because of this drama thing.... lately i dont do any drawing because of busy doing assignment T^T..i want to watch anime! movies! kdrama and jdorama!!! hehehe but still i manage to watch japan movie "koizora" really touching story *^* addoiiI~~

i watch this at my rented house and i actually cry when i watch this ( hehehe nsb la rakan serumah ku tdo ahhahaha xD) klo x malu eden >/////<
i love both actor and the actress in this...tp kn asl la pompuan 2 lembut sgt addoiiii cm x cye je ada orng lembut cm 2 ddlm dunia ni~~
stilll miura& aragaki yui so cutee >_<

hehehhhehhe i so sudden want to watch love movies...ahhhhh dtg dh lovey dovey mood ~_~
and worst thing i dont have time to draw T^T i cant express my lovey dovey mood yahhhhhhbbeee~~

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

miss drawing

yaahhh its been few days i didnt draw anything!!!! rasa cm dh lme gle x drawingg!!! O.o i cant stop thinking when is the time i can draw~~ my assignment will always take over my body~~ adehhhh~~~
i want to draw pin2 & suitokon~ xP draw anything~~
i want it want it~~
heeeeee so i did a little doodle ^_^ just some thought that i have..

heeee yeay draw for few minutes before going to bed=D
quite bad drawing n bad anatomy ~_~
ohhh well just doodle anyway ^_^

Thursday, May 26, 2011


heyyy im back ^_^
i just wanna put some of my improvement since the 1st time i use wacom and until now!! >_< uhhuuuuuu i never thought theres is improvement in my art i AM SO HAPPYY!!! yiippiiiee!!!

the 1st pic is when early usage of wacom that i have....then i draw back in 2011 past few days ^_^
theres is a lot improvement here... well a bit more soft and i can control my wacom now~~
it is really hard because i almost give up in using wacom....=.="
but of course i need more practice practice and PRACTICE!!! >_< addoooiiii~~
i wish can be great in future... so many thing i want to do in illustration...somehow i've been thinking my lecturer said ...she said why dont u guys use what u like in ur work/resume or anything...use ur major or u good at most...
i always avoid using illustration becuase im not confidence enough what ive been pratice.. even the suitable and style need to consider before using in any design. What i love most in manga style and realism(im not that good still learning). Here i dont think cartoon style being taken serious or can be accept most of people here. I did saw 1 of the talented illustrator.. she is really good and she has her own style. i really like her style but then her work being judge "that u wont go anywhere with these kind or artwork". But what i believe she have been doing more money by selling her artwork eventhough it is not officially publish. Some say that why u want to follow manga style its from japan. why wont u do ur own style. I want to because i am still searching for my own style and it is not easy so time will needed. Eventhough my own style i still passion in manga style so.... doing my own style and still relate with manga,that will be different i think.

i did heard before something sound like this" do u have ur some1 u look up to?" something like that,because being graphic design u must have some1 to look up so we can be success like that person. I do but it just hard sometimes i keep distract with something *^*
i need to work hard and be a successful person. i hope i can prove that to people.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I finally feel so relief... im happy but a bit pleasure about my degree life but i think its a great think yela susah2 dahulu senang2 kemudian =D
i feel relief because i finally can let go ... even not talking about or think about it. Im not even feel guilty or regrets whatever u've done. Your Words is so harsh that makes me move on. The best part ur words will remain in me even its not true but i will never ever forget it. It hurt my feeling deeply. I think worth all of that because i need it to move on and be a strong person ^_^

"Bruises can be heal but words could leave long lasting emotional cuts".

yala im not doing anything to people why would they want to talk bad about me. If they did i have no idea what ive done im just human always make mistakes and will keep repeating mistake. But then i try 2 learn from my mistakes. People should tell me what they not satisfied with me then i could change it and become better. it doesnt mean changing who i am its like when you button your cloth but theres 1 button u miss. So people tell u to button ur cloth to make it fine. Ever heard people said why would change ur self,just be yourself but what ive trying to say here its not changing myself but to fix what in me. I cant see what ive done ,poeple around me have better perspective of me. But beware because not all what people saying is true they might just boring people who needs entertain themselves by mocking people.

My degree life is just really adventurous journey because its so pressure and stress experience. Very challenging journey that i had to gone through. But with lecturer that inspire me i can move forward and stay in graphic design course. I have lecturer keep saying a motivated words in class. How can she is so talented and motivate person?? shes is awesome lecturer and really inspire with any words that coming out from her mouth. I wish i could be better and gain a lot of knowledge from her.