i really need a wish...

another day with full of problems...*heavy sigh
i feel down lately..i thought can manage 2 become +ve...its weird cause i always advising people o think +ve and end up im the 1 become -ve really badly...my study become worse..i cant focus..everything i touch/do its not rite plus it become worst..
what should i do 2 become normal???
or did i do something wrong??? pls some1 tell me!!!!??? T^T
i just enter a dark side again.... last time my drawing helping me out....
and my roomates...but they are far from me...well not that far just bz and have their own life
those days when we all can see each other everyday... each time when lunch/dinner we will together and have laugh... adoiii kenapa ayat ku cm orng bermadah! xD adoiii spe la mengaja ni -_-" plek2~~~

the last time i mood was crush cause of my laptop cannot open...problems around me,my work,my worried,my friends, my home, my family......
its not big problems but once it combine in 1 time...parah la gak =(
i already said that im going 2 icity with my friends but because of my mood i said i dont want 2 followed...haaaa how silly am i that time... but then i mind is so messy that time, i went out just to clear my mind... i ask my dad im going home tomorrow morning...

we had a great time together at icity.. my housemate mash,k.ema,jannah,one,leen,ana,fara and kak tim if im not mistaken...
hmmmm the photo still not upload..i will upload it later >_<
a lot of pic were taken that day thx to mash n her camera =3


  1. hahaha its ok entering dark side sometimes because it makes you realize how much light is needed to brighten your room...hehe don't be normal because its not you...XDDDD you're my abnormal fren!! ^^


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