adoiiii so many work to be done in degree O_o i feel so lost and confuse~~~ @_@ i dont know where to begins T^T....
problems around me keep coming and coming~~~~ adooiiii lately my blog always about sad things BORINKK!!!!! sigghhhhhhh.............
but the thing is when comes to work...the work does not kill but the worry does....
let me think what is happy lately...errr cant think any~~~ adoiiiiii
getting older a lots of problems la....but if theres no prob i wont be least i wont die in boringness xDDDD

i want to draw alot of things~~~ i want to draw what i feel everytime >_< thats is better than wrote a diary for me...its like a visual diary =3.....i want to see 1 litre of tears again!!!! that drama giving me the strength when i weak..i want to think there is other people are worst situation than me so i should be grateful what i have...i have family ,friends, roomates, house, laptop, hanphone, daily meal and water to drink.....thats right i have a good siuation i should be grateful...haiiihhh

this week im not going back 2 my house...i miss my bed and bears!!!!! T^T...the addicted bed hahahah xD damn i in love with my bed...cmne plak nk kuar dri rumah 2 nanti dah kawen O_o!!!
i want that bed xDDDD ohhh sillly thoughts again hehehhee
i just want to update my blog...have no idea what is in my mind actually xD


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