do have thing that u like or want to keep it but u just cant because it dangerous...something like jellyfish ? or mayb something else a flower but its poison, a spider but dangerous animal...some people love spider or ur own some1 u care? ....i dont know whether should i keep it or let it go.....
hard to choose.... u know its hard to have trust on people or people to trust me....either way if we so blind we could just stuck....people could betray me or i can be betray to them.... should i take this as my lesson???or i should change? i heard one of my friends saids to me onetime..."why u always get a lonely friends? is it true? mayb...or mayb i feel the same way like them...thats is a reason i can get along with them....i used to be lonely before....i had a dark past that i want to forget.... and i change myself to be better....i was timid,not alot of talking, i hardly smile.... when i meet some1 same fate like me...i dont think i want to let them experience the same as me.... i want them to change to have better life...cause living in -ve life can get u into another world which u will never gonna be happy....
i want you to be my friends.... but if it soo hard to be that u are not my friends.....i care for u but u are soo hard to blend in....i cant even get neear...u are too far...i try 2 reach u but ur hand getting so far and far....i use another method to reach u but still cant....i am hopeless friends or u really want to push me away??i can be ur friend... but u will sting and i cant get near just like jellyfish.... looks soo comfortable with that jelly thing but it can sting u if we get near... hahahahhahaha xD i getting crappy dude!!!! i just type nonsense again!!!! >//////< ohhh welll i just want to type what i want xP
i let go of the friendship so i wont get hurt but i still care and hope u wont sting any1 else...stay away from problem^_^ ...u could say im doing wrong things but i wont regret what i do... i used to mad+sad about it but still the best decision...i am soooo mentally tired
thank you for being my friend i do really had enjoyment being ur friends before this...being part of ur life also wouldnt be my regret....i glad i knew u =D i do miss those great times that we had, i will never ever forget it =D great moment shouldnt be forgotten like should be keep it and store in my memories...eventho im not sure i have a lot of space to store xDD but dont worry i can still have few gigabytes xP...i have long way to go to store my memories ^_^
yaaaaahhhhh ni bru mmbr klo blak cmne??? perrghhhh x lrat aku~~~~ T^T