my heart ^_^

haaaaa here im back....of course just to type my nonsense thoughts again ehhehehe...i love u "listen of heart" hahahhahahah xD
haha after watch paradise ranch think about love everytime >_<.... i love my family,my friends,my surrounding =3 i cant say how much i thankful for what i have in my life ...i love everything right now!!! i glad im live in malaysia,im glad im a girl,proud im islam+malay,im glad to have such a family,im glaad i love drawing and further study in graphic design =D.... last week i went for a weeding which i did not actually attend i just company my parent to phang...x pe la at least i had my holiday in hotel! hehehe such nice view at the beach >_<
i actually went to the beach with both of my parent!!!! uwaaa this is surprising cause my parent usually will not joining these kind of things....iyaaaaahhhrrghhhhh i didnt get a chance to go to the pool!!!! adoiiiii dh mengidam ni!!!!>_<
when we went down to the beach the wave was big so we didnt go that far...that day was the sweet memory cause i had fun with my parent playing at the beach...theres a part when big wave come my parent actually still stand , eden dh tergolek2 kt tepi 2 hahahhahahah xD >_<
it was the best memory with my parent this year~~ ^_^

i want to have this holiday to be peaceful holiday~~~ i cant be sooo emo everytime...its really not tired and tired always emo and sad about things......i have made decision to stop my nonsense...i want to back to reality which what ive dream of...i should be thinking about my future which bothering me lately....what will i be ? what will i work? can i be successful designer or illustrator? what about my future life would be? can i give my parent money? can i make my parent proud? uwaaa so many thing that freak my out...i know i shouldnt be thinking so much just do ur best what i am now..... adult life is sooo hard~~~ i want to back to my teenage life!!!! T^T...huhuhuh errr im overacting xDDD hahahahh times cannot go back i need to keep move on...believe in my self! yoshhh!!! POSITIVE THINKING!!!!


  1. waaaahh...zammie and words! and lots of words!! chaiyok chaiyok keep it up!! hehehe XDDD


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