Tuesday, May 31, 2011

miss drawing

yaahhh its been few days i didnt draw anything!!!! rasa cm dh lme gle x drawingg!!! O.o i cant stop thinking when is the time i can draw~~ my assignment will always take over my body~~ adehhhh~~~
i want to draw pin2 & suitokon~ xP draw anything~~
i want it want it~~
heeeeee so i did a little doodle ^_^ just some thought that i have..

heeee yeay draw for few minutes before going to bed=D
quite bad drawing n bad anatomy ~_~
ohhh well just doodle anyway ^_^

Thursday, May 26, 2011


heyyy im back ^_^
i just wanna put some of my improvement since the 1st time i use wacom and until now!! >_< uhhuuuuuu i never thought theres is improvement in my art i AM SO HAPPYY!!! yiippiiiee!!!

the 1st pic is when early usage of wacom that i have....then i draw back in 2011 past few days ^_^
theres is a lot improvement here... well a bit more soft and i can control my wacom now~~
it is really hard because i almost give up in using wacom....=.="
but of course i need more practice practice and PRACTICE!!! >_< addoooiiii~~
i wish can be great in future... so many thing i want to do in illustration...somehow i've been thinking my lecturer said ...she said why dont u guys use what u like in ur work/resume or anything...use ur major or u good at most...
i always avoid using illustration becuase im not confidence enough what ive been pratice.. even the suitable and style need to consider before using in any design. What i love most in manga style and realism(im not that good still learning). Here i dont think cartoon style being taken serious or can be accept most of people here. I did saw 1 of the talented illustrator.. she is really good and she has her own style. i really like her style but then her work being judge "that u wont go anywhere with these kind or artwork". But what i believe she have been doing more money by selling her artwork eventhough it is not officially publish. Some say that why u want to follow manga style its from japan. why wont u do ur own style. I want to because i am still searching for my own style and it is not easy so time will needed. Eventhough my own style i still passion in manga style so.... doing my own style and still relate with manga,that will be different i think.

i did heard before something sound like this" do u have ur some1 u look up to?" something like that,because being graphic design u must have some1 to look up so we can be success like that person. I do but it just hard sometimes i keep distract with something *^*
i need to work hard and be a successful person. i hope i can prove that to people.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I finally feel so relief... im happy but a bit pleasure about my degree life but i think its a great think yela susah2 dahulu senang2 kemudian =D
i feel relief because i finally can let go ... even not talking about or think about it. Im not even feel guilty or regrets whatever u've done. Your Words is so harsh that makes me move on. The best part ur words will remain in me even its not true but i will never ever forget it. It hurt my feeling deeply. I think worth all of that because i need it to move on and be a strong person ^_^

"Bruises can be heal but words could leave long lasting emotional cuts".

yala im not doing anything to people why would they want to talk bad about me. If they did i have no idea what ive done im just human always make mistakes and will keep repeating mistake. But then i try 2 learn from my mistakes. People should tell me what they not satisfied with me then i could change it and become better. it doesnt mean changing who i am its like when you button your cloth but theres 1 button u miss. So people tell u to button ur cloth to make it fine. Ever heard people said why would change ur self,just be yourself but what ive trying to say here its not changing myself but to fix what in me. I cant see what ive done ,poeple around me have better perspective of me. But beware because not all what people saying is true they might just boring people who needs entertain themselves by mocking people.

My degree life is just really adventurous journey because its so pressure and stress experience. Very challenging journey that i had to gone through. But with lecturer that inspire me i can move forward and stay in graphic design course. I have lecturer keep saying a motivated words in class. How can she is so talented and motivate person?? shes is awesome lecturer and really inspire with any words that coming out from her mouth. I wish i could be better and gain a lot of knowledge from her.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Another song that inspire me to update my blog...by Christina Grimmie .Well shes not famous yet but on the future who knows ,shes has a great voice. I think she did few her own song and had perform at and event but im not sure which event ^^;

Anyway i just want to fill my listen of heart with few doubt that i had lately... when comes to my mix emotion i always think a lot. I want to do great stuff and be the best what i wanted to be. I want to move on moving forward and forward until i reach the point that i always dream. My family , friends , lecturer, surrounding helps me to climb the stairs. Today is Teachers day i want to wish all my teachers who already teach me a lot in this life. I learn a lot from you and i will continue learning without regrets. I learn from anything i see in front of me even my self had teach me be a person. That's make me who i am now. Where i stand with my own two feet. What i've done is already past and my mistakes my mine responsible. I had taken this path to become a graphic designer so i wont stop here just because i had rough time. I'm a student which i am learning to be one. I should not be a afraid to be wrong because from mistake i can be better. hihi of course i have a lot emotion while through this experience. I can be nervous, panic, clumsy, silly, misjudgment, lazy, scare, disappointed, and etc.

I lost a lot a things but i gain something in return thats is life what we live in. Last time i lost my purse but then it came back to me O.o Someone actually post it to my house but the money is gone. But still i feel lucky my parent, my siblings ,my friends are with me =D
Theres something we lost but theres a thing i want to throw away my deplorable stuff around me. These things just giving me anxious feeling. NO MORE STUPID STUFF IN MY LIFE! yiiippiiiiieeeeee!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


adehh last post is really sucks i shouldn't not post like that....(thx ye orng yg comment previous post xp)
anyway im getting better n lots of work! *^* x dak idea kt kepala otak ni~ cmna nk jd professional klo MALAS!!!! O.o
addicted with korean back!! >_< hehheheheheh
its been a long time i didnt listen korean music or update about korean xP
now im back and love Big Bang!!! yyyyiiikkkk!!!!
new comeback jay park with abandoned really sad after what happen to him...huhuuh(cm la pham die xDDD)

my parent went on business trip i hope they will be fine outhere~ and also to my brother in kelantan...adeh lmenye g sne 3 month i think.. x de orng kt umah nnt *^*

Monday, May 2, 2011


i dont like the feeling of living alone at my home without my parent since my 2nd brother past away T^T... i hate it...its feel so cold,alone,dark and unpleasant feeling.. i never thought i could feel this way. I thought i can be fine after they went to business trip.i mean they went for few week not month and its been only for 2 days.

my tears coming out without i notice after i sent back my friends. I think i was hurt words that my friend wrote to me. At 1st it was nothing i dont know whether i mad or sad. I dont feel anything.Nothing. i feel like something but i dont know what is it. The more i think the more i want to see my parent. 1 of the best memories i had was gone because the words. it really stab me like a fire steel arrow in my heart.

my parent are not here, words from friends and others problem really make my worst day -_-" sighhhhhh~