adehh last post is really sucks i shouldn't not post like that....(thx ye orng yg comment previous post xp)
anyway im getting better n lots of work! *^* x dak idea kt kepala otak ni~ cmna nk jd professional klo MALAS!!!! O.o
addicted with korean back!! >_< hehheheheheh
its been a long time i didnt listen korean music or update about korean xP
now im back and love Big Bang!!! yyyyiiikkkk!!!!
new comeback jay park with abandoned really sad after what happen to him...huhuuh(cm la pham die xDDD)

my parent went on business trip i hope they will be fine outhere~ and also to my brother in kelantan...adeh lmenye g sne 3 month i think.. x de orng kt umah nnt *^*