i dont like the feeling of living alone at my home without my parent since my 2nd brother past away T^T... i hate it...its feel so cold,alone,dark and unpleasant feeling.. i never thought i could feel this way. I thought i can be fine after they went to business trip.i mean they went for few week not month and its been only for 2 days.

my tears coming out without i notice after i sent back my friends. I think i was hurt words that my friend wrote to me. At 1st it was nothing i dont know whether i mad or sad. I dont feel anything.Nothing. i feel like something but i dont know what is it. The more i think the more i want to see my parent. 1 of the best memories i had was gone because the words. it really stab me like a fire steel arrow in my heart.

my parent are not here, words from friends and others problem really make my worst day -_-" sighhhhhh~


  1. Kamu... bersabarlah... Hidup ni mmg begitu... Langit xkan selalu cerah... Hidup x selalu indah... Apa yang kita blh buat hanya lalui semua tu dgn tabah... Yg penting fokus.. kalo x de fokus mmg kite akan terfikir benda2 sedih je... Ramai lagi kwn yg menghargai kamu... jgn disebabkan hanya 'seorang' boleh buat kamu jatuh... bangkitlah! Cewah...~


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