heyyy im back ^_^
i just wanna put some of my improvement since the 1st time i use wacom and until now!! >_< uhhuuuuuu i never thought theres is improvement in my art i AM SO HAPPYY!!! yiippiiiee!!!

the 1st pic is when early usage of wacom that i have....then i draw back in 2011 past few days ^_^
theres is a lot improvement here... well a bit more soft and i can control my wacom now~~
it is really hard because i almost give up in using wacom....=.="
but of course i need more practice practice and PRACTICE!!! >_< addoooiiii~~
i wish can be great in future... so many thing i want to do in illustration...somehow i've been thinking my lecturer said ...she said why dont u guys use what u like in ur work/resume or anything...use ur major or u good at most...
i always avoid using illustration becuase im not confidence enough what ive been pratice.. even the suitable and style need to consider before using in any design. What i love most in manga style and realism(im not that good still learning). Here i dont think cartoon style being taken serious or can be accept most of people here. I did saw 1 of the talented illustrator.. she is really good and she has her own style. i really like her style but then her work being judge "that u wont go anywhere with these kind or artwork". But what i believe she have been doing more money by selling her artwork eventhough it is not officially publish. Some say that why u want to follow manga style its from japan. why wont u do ur own style. I want to because i am still searching for my own style and it is not easy so time will needed. Eventhough my own style i still passion in manga style so.... doing my own style and still relate with manga,that will be different i think.

i did heard before something sound like this" do u have ur some1 u look up to?" something like that,because being graphic design u must have some1 to look up so we can be success like that person. I do but it just hard sometimes i keep distract with something *^*
i need to work hard and be a successful person. i hope i can prove that to people.