Another song that inspire me to update my Christina Grimmie .Well shes not famous yet but on the future who knows ,shes has a great voice. I think she did few her own song and had perform at and event but im not sure which event ^^;

Anyway i just want to fill my listen of heart with few doubt that i had lately... when comes to my mix emotion i always think a lot. I want to do great stuff and be the best what i wanted to be. I want to move on moving forward and forward until i reach the point that i always dream. My family , friends , lecturer, surrounding helps me to climb the stairs. Today is Teachers day i want to wish all my teachers who already teach me a lot in this life. I learn a lot from you and i will continue learning without regrets. I learn from anything i see in front of me even my self had teach me be a person. That's make me who i am now. Where i stand with my own two feet. What i've done is already past and my mistakes my mine responsible. I had taken this path to become a graphic designer so i wont stop here just because i had rough time. I'm a student which i am learning to be one. I should not be a afraid to be wrong because from mistake i can be better. hihi of course i have a lot emotion while through this experience. I can be nervous, panic, clumsy, silly, misjudgment, lazy, scare, disappointed, and etc.

I lost a lot a things but i gain something in return thats is life what we live in. Last time i lost my purse but then it came back to me O.o Someone actually post it to my house but the money is gone. But still i feel lucky my parent, my siblings ,my friends are with me =D
Theres something we lost but theres a thing i want to throw away my deplorable stuff around me. These things just giving me anxious feeling. NO MORE STUPID STUFF IN MY LIFE! yiiippiiiiieeeeee!!!!