I finally feel so relief... im happy but a bit pleasure about my degree life but i think its a great think yela susah2 dahulu senang2 kemudian =D
i feel relief because i finally can let go ... even not talking about or think about it. Im not even feel guilty or regrets whatever u've done. Your Words is so harsh that makes me move on. The best part ur words will remain in me even its not true but i will never ever forget it. It hurt my feeling deeply. I think worth all of that because i need it to move on and be a strong person ^_^

"Bruises can be heal but words could leave long lasting emotional cuts".

yala im not doing anything to people why would they want to talk bad about me. If they did i have no idea what ive done im just human always make mistakes and will keep repeating mistake. But then i try 2 learn from my mistakes. People should tell me what they not satisfied with me then i could change it and become better. it doesnt mean changing who i am its like when you button your cloth but theres 1 button u miss. So people tell u to button ur cloth to make it fine. Ever heard people said why would change ur self,just be yourself but what ive trying to say here its not changing myself but to fix what in me. I cant see what ive done ,poeple around me have better perspective of me. But beware because not all what people saying is true they might just boring people who needs entertain themselves by mocking people.

My degree life is just really adventurous journey because its so pressure and stress experience. Very challenging journey that i had to gone through. But with lecturer that inspire me i can move forward and stay in graphic design course. I have lecturer keep saying a motivated words in class. How can she is so talented and motivate person?? shes is awesome lecturer and really inspire with any words that coming out from her mouth. I wish i could be better and gain a lot of knowledge from her.


  1. luv luv luv! lots of lurves for you when you luv yourself..^^ dont bother wht ppl say cuz i'm with you! XDDDD


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