Tuesday, June 28, 2011

holiday on june

haaaaa its been a week i have my holiday...well i kinda return to my parent house a bit late cause want to spend time before i gets grounded xDDD not grounded la actually but i need to stay at home =.= kinda hard being only girl in the house but still i love being a girl...a guy have a lots of responsibility =.="
since i didnt do anything i still want to draw...here my fast drawing about what i do lately~

well since i spent too much on FMAB this is what i get~~ hahahahhah xD its was awesome story too bad its already finish T^T aiiyahhh i gonna miss those 2 brothers edward & alphonse
but!!!! i love roy mustang!!!! kyaaa~~~~ >_< i love him!!!
he is so COOL!!! hahahhahah xD adooiii i just kyaaaa2 with anime character =.=" i should get real bf xDDDDD not a chance! hah! still love anime character xDDDD

isnt he cute~~~ kyaaa!!!!! >_<

after watch that anime..well i just realise back about those 7 deadly sins..sigh scary being human...those sins really scary~~
wrath in me not that in critical lvl, i only had my anger when i fought with brother...well long time ago ^^; usually when with my friends i had my anger inside haaaa still its hurt inside though...my pride...well depends i dont really care my pride that high...
greed...haaaaaa a lot of things i want...my greedy might be troublesome =.="
gluttony~~~ haaaaa i had that problem since i was little T^T
lust well its good thing im islam...something desire for sexual is forbidden unless we get married then we can have those feeling =.=

envy...haaaaaaaaa a lot of people around me have this feeling badly ...of course so do i..i really do have envy but....i just put inside me just stay there and not gonna let it out...let it become my inspiration to be better/great but i might fall from it either..i just hope i wont be person easily let my envy *^*
yaaaahhhh sloth....THIS IS truly all of us have it! i always sleep maannn im so lazy in a lot of things!!! *^* yabbeeee

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


haaaaa this is shayne orok....i like to hear him singing =D so cute!!!!!! >_<
seee he love letting his hair cover his face =.= but cute tooo XP

Saturday, June 11, 2011

admirable person

today i just saw fanpage for shayne orok post on his wall sayin that he is in KOREA for past 7 month... no wonder i didnt heard any news from him or have new video in youtube...i really like to follow what he done... i love his sweet song and his smile. love it! >_<

here is shayne orok..

since the 1st i saw him i was in love in his voice...well i dont about others but he has sweet voice eventhough it might not that great voice like others professional but his voice is really sweet like his heart...hehehe its not i known him like really known him but i just feel it..

he has great smile =) i love his smile..usually his hair is longer and the hair was covering his faces. he should not hid his face just because of his eyes. he is a cute person and great smile =D.
what i got admire from him because he is not perfect in his healthy problems. He has artificial on his left eyes if im not mistaken,maybe he private more about his personal things. thats not gonna stoping him do what he love to do. But still he has a lot of fan outhere is supporting him and i hope he has great future ahead of him. listening and seeing him do great what he love to do makes me so impress. The saddest thing while i follow shayne ..he did a video for his friends hoping to get better that have a health problem so i follow his friend too. but then after fews weeks i check back on his friends blog was gone and not exist ,youtube being private and stuff. I think his friends was past away *^*...since i follow his blog sayin he is fighting his health prob.... he even put doctor description telling him after his sugery he might gonna live for a long time... he having a lot of pain...yahhhhh really a sad blog to read. i should be grateful because im alive and can do what i want untill now.

past few month shayne take his career as a singer to korea...he also can play few instrument more to piono/ keayboard and he also write his own song! i think he join korean singing program >_< i dint know he can sing korean! >_< i almost didnt recognize him becuase of his hair style more to korean xDDD more cuterr of course =D
mayb in his some wont acknowlegde him because how his situation but others will acknowlegde him =)

credit pic: http://www.facebook.com/shayneorokfans

Monday, June 6, 2011


sigh.... drama thingy is so damn idiot....usually in story will have such a big complexity of line story...never knew that i can involve with such drama thingy too ^^;
but it i guess i can learn things and also my life is not that boring because of this drama thing.... lately i dont do any drawing because of busy doing assignment T^T..i want to watch anime! movies! kdrama and jdorama!!! hehehe but still i manage to watch japan movie "koizora" really touching story *^* addoiiI~~

i watch this at my rented house and i actually cry when i watch this ( hehehe nsb la rakan serumah ku tdo ahhahaha xD) klo x malu eden >/////<
i love both actor and the actress in this...tp kn asl la pompuan 2 lembut sgt addoiiii cm x cye je ada orng lembut cm 2 ddlm dunia ni~~
stilll miura& aragaki yui so cutee >_<

hehehhhehhe i so sudden want to watch love movies...ahhhhh dtg dh lovey dovey mood ~_~
and worst thing i dont have time to draw T^T i cant express my lovey dovey mood yahhhhhhbbeee~~