sigh.... drama thingy is so damn idiot....usually in story will have such a big complexity of line story...never knew that i can involve with such drama thingy too ^^;
but it i guess i can learn things and also my life is not that boring because of this drama thing.... lately i dont do any drawing because of busy doing assignment T^T..i want to watch anime! movies! kdrama and jdorama!!! hehehe but still i manage to watch japan movie "koizora" really touching story *^* addoiiI~~

i watch this at my rented house and i actually cry when i watch this ( hehehe nsb la rakan serumah ku tdo ahhahaha xD) klo x malu eden >/////<
i love both actor and the actress in this...tp kn asl la pompuan 2 lembut sgt addoiiii cm x cye je ada orng lembut cm 2 ddlm dunia ni~~
stilll miura& aragaki yui so cutee >_<

hehehhhehhe i so sudden want to watch love movies...ahhhhh dtg dh lovey dovey mood ~_~
and worst thing i dont have time to draw T^T i cant express my lovey dovey mood yahhhhhhbbeee~~