Saturday, July 2, 2011


when theres the time i want to rise there always thing that holds me back... i cant even think straight for some reason...the deeper i think the deeper i lost...i wonder how lost will i be... i should take time think about my future...sighh i always think about my future but i end up in wrong path.... i cant reach if i stay this way =.= where should go and what should i do..i think i dont actually get want always want i that greedy?? i dont satisfied for myself dammit! well my parent support me my friends always from why the hell im still not satisfied... i not archiving the want i really want for myself... the study well i really love graphic design but sometimes i think just want tp pass the pointer thats all... graduate well out would from university need that certificate to work...of course theres people can work without it... then what i really want??? do people really think that what they really want for themself??? or they just satisfied whatever they have right now... i always want to do something new for my self...but theres boundaries for that either i wont pass those limitation... i guess i still searching for it....what i want to do...

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