Friday, September 16, 2011

stressful sem

erghhhh all about cine**** S**t!!!!! klo bkn bnde alah 2 x de la idup aku kucar kacir! menyampah dh dgr! mmg x bangga pn nk bt haktui! the only thing makes me keep going i had great group and it is consider my subject too.... sometimes i just feel im at my limit..well we havent starting to shoot yet....x tau la mse pergambaran letih nk mampus! belum msuk editing lg...bkn kejap editing kot! hrap2 berjaya sume.....yela susah2 dahulu senang2 kemudian..... but not just cine**** S**t je de lg 4 more subject kot!! sume dh kemana sbb that thingy...last time lg la campaign sndri pn x igt dh nme! pergh!! prah dh 2....

i wanna let my stress out..i cant event hold my pencil draw like always *^*
i feel more stressful when comes about my rented house =(..... ntah la... bersaba je la zam..... i need to be strong as much as i can....
even my blog haven't update for while...
my deviantart...=(
can i watch fish in the tank all day??

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