Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hello mr.brooks

early in the morning... i miss hearing mr.brooks song.. >_< i need his song to fill my dup2 huhuh
ok 1st of all i want say happy birthday sun ..last night we celebrate a bit with chocolate cake.. hope his happy walaupn x de la nk bling2 bedak ke pe kn...
huhuh x de gambo lg x transfer.. later i post entry about his birthday with vid~(sjak production2 ni asik video je xP)x ambek lg kt mash =.= smlam tdo lmbat, nok la ni! siap kne mrah suh tdo hahahahah xD

anyway ada tertusuk gak smlam...i heard it one of my frens said... well maybe some people will think of it...but its ok..its just u know only me know my feeling about it.. i promise to myself.. and to my late brother...hmmm i really miss him...
its been almost 3 years...

back to reality dude!!! kk almost finish uploading music video reality dan fantasy~~
sbbkn ramai nk tgk ni upload2 cpt ...kt cinemini x tyang kn haaaa mai2 kte tgk over here

Monday, December 19, 2011


purple apple = apupple should be my lappy name sounds cute eyh huhuhhu >_< lets make him be my new partner as designer whuahahahhaha i will having really good time with him =D still need time to gentle with him =)

thats quote above should be a fresh ones or to be eaten hahahhaha mlas nk btul kn...lantak pi la, it shows to myself actually.... whether i am ready for new semester or be beaten up for this semester =.="

i definitely got beaten last sem...for real....
today... i went to cinemini...i know! i said i don't want to but i did...=.=" anyway... i realize that even i hate it very much but seeing my frenss around me so happily for me got me thinking other way... i should be grateful... we won 4 awards for acah-acah production(i have no idea how???)... huhuhhu

seriously apupple!! come on! he keep correcting my spelling prob...alaaaa orng nk memang nk tulisan cm2 la cengih!! _

Saturday, December 17, 2011

good and bad news

well lets start with good news =)
look this cake!!!! oiiishiii!!!!! hhahahah i made it my self!!!! really delicious cake..its cheese...usually i don't eat cheese but this cake not bad... its called red velvet >_<
i want to give my frens especially behavio and mugen =D
hrap smpt bg sbelum abh ahhahahahaha xD

ok the bad news for me! well tomolo is cinemini event... i don't want to go! let's make sure i don't go... i keep having 2nd thoughts of it... beside its not our production vid in the list... =.= thats kinda sad at least should be in the list.. its does not matter we win or not just in the list so the people in vid can see it themselves sighhhh...
serabut abh hidup lpas last sem... i can't keep organize in everything... i keep off the track... what should i do... do list? make a schedule?? i keep feeling like something is missing in my heart...it is not a great feel in i tell ya... seriously....=(

Friday, December 9, 2011


my recent artwork... lack of everything... well I'm trying using new software actually... corel painting...its not easy as sai though...VERY different =( but what to do... i need to learn it from the beginning..... anyway....actually its quite interesting software tho.... i kind like it but i need time to get use to it....
i feel like in the pic right now...only my hearts know why... i don't want to think about it... i will just feel anger and sadness growing in me

hirari hirai by miku

Saturday, December 3, 2011


today was a bit special..its my parent wedding anniversary...well i didnt remember at 1st.... =.= my mom tell me in the car...i bet my dad forgot about this date 4/12... i was hoping diorng g dinner ber2 romantik skit huhuhuhuh.... but end up going out with m and my brother xP.... adooiii

well we spend together going at pc fair.... huuuu my wishlist does not available at pc FAIR!!! shooot i could have it by now~~ but its ok i just be patient... guess what i havent actually see my result yet..i am too afraid to see my result for last sem...seriously i feel like shittt!!! >=o
i feel like i am not moving foward from what i really want... sighhh this is seriously cm pe...sedih sgt ni...i feel like mood on, i getting....i dont knowww.....
i really do love graphic i love to make design... but sitting on my bench for hours sound really sucks! ya its really sucks.. feel like ur whole body gonna break...thats why i really need a break this holiday.. i was hoping i can get good vacation.... ha im asking too much..i knoww.... x bersyukur pn la ko ni zammm.. truk daaa ni =.=

anyway... past few days... well i sat with people who does mlm... i guess mlm people are really desperate.... i still DONT CAREEEEE about ur s**t f****ing businesss i love my studies i own my diploma by myself i had my parent lecturers n frens beside me to walk those path... i still not believe why those people thoughts that they can drag me into mlm... i still dont care about people that got 30-60k in a month! i want to do GRAPHIC!!... i jus...t.... didnt find it myself in the path yet.... i knewwww i will be taking a long journey to be in the top designer....ya last sem i becoming weak and weak... i always in bad mood. keep getting mad for no reason, not a very good quality for my work, i cant! even feel the mood while i doing my major...=( i feel not myself at the time... i am not very happy for last sem... i didnt get enough rest... i just need get away...

i knew that i love manga/anime or whatsoever wont take me the further step...i love draw figure, faces and beautiful faces, people...
i knew... i knewww better than any1 else knew.... but its not i gonna use it but it will be my 1 of my tools to give my best..... i mayb the one of lowest in the list but i wont let it be my weakness...

ones will fall but to stand up takes a hardwork.

seriously... my mood for drawing... well Mvirus~~~~~~~ =.=