good and bad news

well lets start with good news =)
look this cake!!!! oiiishiii!!!!! hhahahah i made it my self!!!! really delicious cake..its cheese...usually i don't eat cheese but this cake not bad... its called red velvet >_<
i want to give my frens especially behavio and mugen =D
hrap smpt bg sbelum abh ahhahahahaha xD

ok the bad news for me! well tomolo is cinemini event... i don't want to go! let's make sure i don't go... i keep having 2nd thoughts of it... beside its not our production vid in the list... =.= thats kinda sad at least should be in the list.. its does not matter we win or not just in the list so the people in vid can see it themselves sighhhh...
serabut abh hidup lpas last sem... i can't keep organize in everything... i keep off the track... what should i do... do list? make a schedule?? i keep feeling like something is missing in my is not a great feel in i tell ya... seriously....=(