Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hello mr.brooks

early in the morning... i miss hearing mr.brooks song.. >_< i need his song to fill my dup2 huhuh
ok 1st of all i want say happy birthday sun ..last night we celebrate a bit with chocolate cake.. hope his happy walaupn x de la nk bling2 bedak ke pe kn...
huhuh x de gambo lg x transfer.. later i post entry about his birthday with vid~(sjak production2 ni asik video je xP)x ambek lg kt mash =.= smlam tdo lmbat, nok la ni! siap kne mrah suh tdo hahahahah xD

anyway ada tertusuk gak smlam...i heard it one of my frens said... well maybe some people will think of it...but its ok..its just u know only me know my feeling about it.. i promise to myself.. and to my late brother...hmmm i really miss him...
its been almost 3 years...

back to reality dude!!! kk almost finish uploading music video reality dan fantasy~~
sbbkn ramai nk tgk ni upload2 cpt ...kt cinemini x tyang kn haaaa mai2 kte tgk over here

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