purple apple = apupple should be my lappy name sounds cute eyh huhuhhu >_< lets make him be my new partner as designer whuahahahhaha i will having really good time with him =D still need time to gentle with him =)

thats quote above should be a fresh ones or to be eaten hahahhaha mlas nk btul kn...lantak pi la, it shows to myself actually.... whether i am ready for new semester or be beaten up for this semester =.="

i definitely got beaten last sem...for real....
today... i went to cinemini...i know! i said i don't want to but i did...=.=" anyway... i realize that even i hate it very much but seeing my frenss around me so happily for me got me thinking other way... i should be grateful... we won 4 awards for acah-acah production(i have no idea how???)... huhuhhu

seriously apupple!! come on! he keep correcting my spelling prob...alaaaa orng nk memang nk tulisan cm2 la cengih!! _