Friday, November 30, 2012


yaaaa i need my spirit back in the game
need more inspiration.. =.="
due to exhausting period that i have been through..i need to restore my spirit over again that lacking with unnecessary disruption

lets get into one direction ,greyson chance( love his voice~) and a fine man brandon routh! hahahhahahxD been crazy about him lately! heee sooo hot xP

since my cousin recommended their album, i love it! i mean yaaaa they are younger than me but still i kinda like their song( i admit they are cute whuahahah xD)
ohh right not to forget paramore is coming~ ya awesome right!
eventho a bit sad cause the farro's brother wont be there T^T
but still awesome they coming~~~ u u uuuu!!! ngeeee =D
oh! ya im totally into this band since my fren recommended them.. a bit emm well just google it u'll know..
awesome music from pretty reckless! LOVE THEM! just come to malaysia already~ >_<

some motivation that i need~

" Life without uncertainty is like skipping to the last page of a book when you're only on chapter 3 -- it defeats the purpose of everything in between."

" If you want it, don't wait for it to come to you; just go get it."

" Having greater expectations is not only my motivation, but also my life dream."

" Wishing you were someone else is a waste of the person you are."

" Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and realize what you deserve."

" The past is the past and you can't change that. So live for the present and look towards the future, because this shapes what kind of person you are going to be."

Friday, November 23, 2012

doubting myself

since the degree show is getting near im keep doubting myself whether what i want to do in the future... i might imagine things what will i do but it doesnt mean that i can actually reach if i just wait until it's come.. i need to take initiative to archive what i dream of...  


the clock are ticking and i still cant do the decision...

im just being foolish of myself keep pushing things because of my ego! =.="

Friday, October 26, 2012


inspire by one two

piece of heart with flower

dont let the heart become colder...
bring the happiness
turn to be positive world

i beginning to open up my eyes what i've done...
to change everything let the time pass by

Sunday, October 21, 2012


inspire by wide awake

everything have a reason to happen.. why things happen, why people change why the worlds is changing... its depend on us to decide whether it's for good or bad.. sometimes bad things happen because of a good reason... well example that i could think of now i feel like shit right now doing my final project well if i didnt work hard for my final i couldnt get my good result isnt it? haha
but thats just 1 example
i got angry,im happy,im cautios, im inspired, im excited probably because of someting, when i think about again, its true i dont do or feel it if i wasnt driven by something that push me..

i feel suffocated from these minds that full of question thinking about reason that happen. thinking too much might lead me to -ve thoughts so i just might draw my attention to another stuff.. 

"The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept." 
i couldnt agree more about this phrase.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


inspire by jane by design =D ngeeee

sometimes i feel i want to go further beyond my limit..
i should just take the risk and do that challenge me, the thrill and result could change what i am now... not just being tired from doing what i am doing now
im so flat rite now~ i dont feel the passion, the affection, the intensity of being as graphic designer.. yup i dont usually called my self a graphic design cause i dont feel like it.. i feel i havent archieve to be a graphic designer...

but i do
i love design i love colours i love space i love simple i love pattern and texture, i love the communication between visual and words that can be some meaningful tools to touch people not just for business.. 
i not very good in explaining but i wish someday through my work that can be something meaningful and can communicate and tell about anything.

i hope in the future i will grab anything that given to me, eventhough" i think i could try" would be " i can. i can do it". The more risk and not afraid of what will happen can be powerful tools to archive something.

dont let others let u down and always doing what we love =D

Thursday, October 4, 2012


drawing inspired song "i know you care" =)

its been a while i write anything here... a bit busy with my final project.. past few days i keep thinking about my self... what have i done to my life... sometimes i keep lose track for my self.. i wasnt thinking deeply...
i was snap with something when i listen to mr.brooks =D

some words that touch my heart.
my dream.
my life.
my passion.
my believe.
my perseverance.

"It is better to keep silent and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

"It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."

"Better to fight for something than live for nothing."

"In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart. "

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."

hope these word can help to stand up and gain my sense about what i live in. 
pls help me and guide me to a better path. give the strength to get through all test and trial that been upon on me. i should believe in my self.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

another exciting month today! ase cm exited this year mayb relax skit dri assignment and sambut dengan family 1st puasa happy2 sgt2 ^_^
jauhkan la orang2 yang boleh membawa keburukan 

disni saya mahu mengucapkan SELAMAT BERPUASA to family,friends and all! di bulan ramadhan ni hrap dpat tingkat kn pahala and dosa2 kecil~
rakan2 pose jgn ponteng2 x elok 2~
 hormat menghormati la masing2~


-new obsession inspire-

finally! i get to write in my listen of heart! huhuh been bz with work O.o
anyways my feeling since mtv still here and keep burning on coming performance!! wuuhuuu
if not interested shuuss! especially anti-kpop~
k-pop fannn come, lets enjoy reading the exciting moment! whuahahahhaxD

last week on 14 july mtv world stage where the lineup artist was jay park ,justin bieber, kara and mizz nina
so many things! wanna to keep as my memory and the cd is the most precious to me! ahhahaha i NEVER buy album before hahah slalu tau2 je la kn.. but this time is to support jay park! finally i can support him not juts by words

this year i had more amazing time! hahahah probably because of jay park! >_< since the last post ive been saying about him,how amazing he become when he got out from 2pm.
heeee even when he was in the group i was looking at him xP
and still whuahahhahxD

but of course the more amazing justin bieber wellknown already... kara makes me love at them again! >_< and shes is really amazing that night!
LOL i was sitting when i knew she was coming out but then suddenly shes come out with these cool stage, better than other artist! shes rock the stage!!! woaahhhh! even i dont know the music but still lyaaaaaa~~ hahhaxD

before the perfomance begin ^D^
with them the atmosphere become more awesome moment!!!! huhuh enjoying our favourite celebrity on stage!! these girls is awesome! hhahah seron ble de mmbr enjoy bnde sme \^^/ 

jay at the stage with his charisma and hahahha love every song that he perform!!! especially "turn of your handphone"!!! kyaaaa!!! >_< my fav song in new breed album! ive been waiting so bad for his perfom that song!!!! cant believe he did!!! andd..... eheeee
 keep exciting along his performance, walaypun dh nk mampus! penat gle kaki cm dh nk reput! =.="
some how the exciting overcome my tiredness~
i keep jumping enjoying the show~(pkai heels kott!!! ase cm nk cabut kt stu gak!) tp kang ilang kemana plak kasut ngan amai bnau orng -_-
1st song was "abandone" waaahhh his 1st debt as solo artist!
then know ur name,star, girlfriend and some medley songs ,getting more exiting with his+group dance performance! woah woah WOAH!!
 lastly!!! body2body!!!! kyaaa fav song in freash breath it album!!!!
 most his song was my addicted song at this moment and he came with perfect timing! hahahaxD

the next day!!! autograph session with jay park!!! hahahha cant believe i can get autograph!!! hahahah actually this is my 1st time to get into this kind of thing... its really new for me so iznie+irin is sunbaenim dlm bnde2 ni ehee
jeles iznie dpt bg cincin kt jay!!! nyaawwwww bestnye 
ahahah die ambek pn dh happy hrap die smpan leklok ^^;
klo pkai hebat sgt 2! >_<

 while waiting the autograph session start
hahahha thx to mira capture this moment! hahahaha speechless cant believe meeting jay face to face >_<, i cant even say anything just smile =.="

capture the moment

starving and we headed to street pe ntah...i eat okonomiyaki... my mouth not very good in korea food =.=" sedih!

*peace! ^D^v

Friday, July 13, 2012


it's the reality when we grow up.... i know but still believe in the end im the one who is hurt =(
i just want it.... but too hope on in it just makes it worst.... some people might think im over reacting but i guess i just realise... but it should not be 100%.

since this is the reality then i will start to be one... im not gonna cling on something that im the only one believe in it...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


i want to get so many inspiration endless so i can do what i want comfortly! =3

haaaa my practical train is gonna end soon... at some point i feel like a bit sad and happy =)
i already get to use around there... the staff been nice to me and i feel like alive again! heheh
but i wish i could go to world stage then i will be more alive!!! whuahahahhaha jay parkk!!!! i really want to see at stage!! T^T

i need more exciting entertainment!!!  \^D^/
since i stay at more that before i dont really have people to talk with and eventually i share my daily story with my mom!!! whauahhahahahah mother and daughter time =)
it's really nice... at 1st i feel a bit ackward cause usually i share something important but this time even a little stuff i can share ehehehe ^_^

i havent draw lately... i dont really have mood to draw just doodle while doing my major task in the company... even my laptop cant support much... the lagging is really testing my patient~

soooon~~~ back to shah alam cant wait to meet my fren ^_^  buuuuuuuuuut...... i still need to finished my report =.="

Thursday, June 7, 2012


early in the morning here i am writing a new entry ^_^

anyway... back to my curiosity about my knee.... its been hurt everytime when i bend my knee.... this never happen before... hmmm i've been wondering since when this happen? i think i notice it last week when i walk up the stairs i keep hurting myself....hmmmm did i stretch too much??

am i old already??! hahahahahxD no no no  >w<thats not impossible i take my calcium enough for my body!!! hmmmppp but there was nothing when im sitting. ooiiuuuuhhhhh pe bnde la bt sakit ni plek btul!
should i go check up? hmmm harapan je la~ my mom will just say kne urut je 2~~

another story~
i quiet a bit sad today since the practical student will not continue here T^T i was hoping.. my supervisor also counting on it... but my boss didnt give any response... i dont think they will continue here.. AND today is their last day~
im gonna be more lonely and bored like shiittt!
yahhhhhhhhhhh i hate the unfriendly environment but yg frenly overdose plak~ (=.=)"

Sunday, June 3, 2012


its finally comes!!!! whoaaaaa!!!! super excited!!
cant wait!!!!! >_<

Thursday, May 31, 2012


yesterday we celebrate birthday one of staff here really fun since i dont have a lot of moving here hahahahaxD haaa forgot to capture this moment... =.="

 i got task too handle the cake!? hahahha that whats unexpected. well i kinda wondering why they keep interact with me alot than the other practical student... i dont really want to continue here u know even for this coming holiday i have 2nd thoughts not to continue...since the practical student said they would countinue shouldnt the staff should interactac with them? ( ha! good news to me i wouldnt be left behind alone~xD)

anyway because of this event,i eventually remember the memories of celebrating birthday....i dont want to recall the bad and embarass memories here ^^;
in teknik.. hmm celebrate =.=" kne bdak + ubat gigi
but i have twin in teknik she got the worst got soap water all over her body O.o
i saw it i quickly run before i got mess up quite timid back then so theyv dont really want to mess up with me *relief

when my birthday with family we usually went out and have dinner together.. so there wasnt crazy experince with them except... errr nahhhh i dont want to tell about it ^^;
skip it when i got into unisel....2008 i think? that year i had bad experience with art direction subjct... =.=" i have massive major felling down that time!
i even think to quit as chasing my dream as designer =.=" and that time my birthday is coming up since i have lots of thing to complete i decide not to go home and celebrate with my parent.. quite sad becuase every year never miss celebrate with them..
on that day my house mate.. the one i close mira, omma and sup... they try to make me mad whole day..yahhhhh i feel a bit depress and quite mad that time
i just had got yell from my lec back then afterwards my frens keep makes me angry i couldnt even remember my birthday that day. so then time past, on the night where we want to get so food to fulfill our hungry stomache. one of my fren keep mess up with me she took my hmm i cant remember?? (haha), then she laugh i couldnt hold back my angry almost reach 99% my voice was high and said"cepat la bg!" she laugh so more and i automatically i hit her with my purse then i walk away cause my tears almost fall, i quickly went to bathroom. honestly i was cry i feel so foolish then i wash my face to hide my foolish cry! ahaha (i feeel embarass write about this memory)
i try to act cool then laugh with my frens and they make fun of me some more at khulafa =.="
wahhhh i my heart was become more weak and weak

when we got back... i continue my assignment and time flies and i got few msg wishing my birthday... i cant remember what exactly that time then my fren start moving suspiciously they start threw me a lot of baby powder kak ain and lia also join forces O.o ohhhh i becoming real arappuchi~ hahahaxD
then they give present.. im was shocked and really happy that time. all those shiitt coming wasnt worth to be mad about hahahahxD thank you guys giving one of memories i wont forget =)
wahhhh i really miss my old house mate!!! >_<

theres a lot of my diploma memories that i caught on video... i watch back my videos that i record, i saw back when try to teach mashi drive a car =.=" i notice i keep saying "ottekhe" cam lahanattt!! hahahahhahaha i amm sooo embarass to watch back! its such of good memories thank goodness i did not erase all of them though few videos that gone because of corrupt, im not saying my new memories arent great its just old memories was nice ....

last time my birthday was quite suprise cause i didnt expected...thanks to nok2 was my great buddies when i had hardship through pak kamal subject. hahahahxD eventhough we had fun when we are now i hope u guys wont forget in the future... soon noks2 will become like my old housemate...

 nmpk sgt aku boring kt office ni siap tulis entry pnjang x sekene mene hahahahahahaxD

Sunday, May 27, 2012

world stage 2012

another concert i want to attent! ohh shittt la asl la de retis that i want to see!
i thought joe brooks is the last perf i should attent( dh tua x lrat dh g!) hhahahaxD
but this year also want to go! >_<
the problem is... well the tix... i hadnt my luck yet its been 2nd day still no luck~ ~_~
hmmm time puasa plak world stage ni... cant bring any food.. then cmne nk bukak pose??
cekik darah mkanan kt dlm 2! O.o ( adehh ptt g terawih mlam2 =.=" truk! aku ni)

but good news i think the artist lineup is not hardcore kind of music~ hehehe cm dlu de neon trees, beast hmm tau2 je la klo kpop fan kn~ tp they didnt become so wild) not to forget local artis pop shuvit and lastly 30 seconds to mars! mne x gle! all of the crowd become shitt!!! ohh i dont even want to remember how crazy and wild they got!! sume cilanat2 mntang2 aku pndek ~_~
(thank goodness beast fan wasnt there, they all just bunch of kids klo x kne lanyak, tp btul2 fan dtg utk diorng je =.=" huhuhuh) 
this timee ok laaa the local artis is nina( i was hoping yuna elek skit and nice music too xp) demand plak aku 
bieber... hmmm dont know how the fan will be thou..
the most person i want to see jay park!!! uwaaaa really cant wait!  love his  music~ but i guess i will remember his english music only lorrr~ x pham sepatah nnt klo korea~ cm beast dlu ~_~" haa x pe he will speak english anyway~ ! >_<
kara..hmm boleh laaaa kott~ -_-

aahhhhhh~~~ tp mmg menguji kesabaran ni nk mnang tix kt website die ni.... =.="
its ok la i just hoping mira got luck it too! hahahahxD
adehhh last nite i even dream i won the tix! hahahaha bgun2 ler mimpi upenye!!!! 
oo uuiiihh! truk sgt dhhhh ni! hahahaxD

Saturday, May 12, 2012

mothers day

tomorrow..err i mean today is mothers day =)
so many movies about mother will be air tomorrow that surely touching our heart about our mother

was hoping to give something my mom... but i just dont know what...

pic of her when she was younger.. the most beautiful woman to me

she always will taking care of me eventhough im old enough to take care of myself
always notice what other people wont notice
always worried
always care
always be there
always be the one 
always and always will be my mum

sometimes i feel she never lack of anything( well mayb part2 IT die kureng hihi) 
what i cant bare about my mum if she cry... always make my guilt so bad when she does that eventhough its not my fault in the 1st place

im sorry if i did made u cry..
it wasnt my intention...

theres 1 time long time ago she said"kalo akak dah besar boleh bagi mama duit ke?"
haha i laugh and said" gaji skit,skit la bg klo gaji bsar umah pn boleh bg" xP

"happy mothers day"

from the bottom of my heart
"i love u mama"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

must watch!

kyaaaaaa!!!! resident evil retribution is coming soon!!! cant wait!!! whuuuhuu!!!

alice will come back and kill those zombie!!! >_< aduiiii x sbo asenye lmbt sgt bulan september =(
best part i heard there will be leon kennedy and jill valentine!!!! kyaaaaaa >_< awsome people will unite and shoot!!!! bang! bang! unfortunately claire wont be there ...... there are rumor said jensen ackles will be leon!! but its not him... i hope the person will be like in the game =B

hmmm i thought carlos already michelle rodriguez will comeback to life?? hmmm mayb becoming undead same as carlos.... then it wont be funn~~~ they are more suitable becoming one of the survivors though.... =.="
oohoooo i heard also mika nakashima aslo casting! but she already looks one of those undead ahhahahaah   shes too pale =.="

Saturday, April 21, 2012


hohoooo i got new chair in my room! xP
snarnye gedik adek dpt ,2 nk gak sbb dh duk kt blik die x nk bgun!
ehhehe so i ask i want it too!! >_< brai sgt kusi dlu 2 =.= dh ptah roda x leh goyang2~~

ase cm duk dlm office plak xP
thats enough for today update! 
im going to sleep! 

Friday, April 20, 2012


hohoho look at my desk!
i have own desk~~ hehehe with my appuple we should rule the desk! hahahahxD
sometimes i got bored cause so boring but the when the work comes!!yikkss!

but u know working at my place a bit relax....i think.. mayb because im not in advertising agency klo x mampuh!!

hope every1 have great time in office =)
im off for today!!! so happy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

call me maybe

new fav song >_<

call me! i feel want to flirt with some1 right now~~ heee =D
just quick sketch about this song =)

Sunday, April 15, 2012


theres few of story of my life that i want to share.... 
i will go on practical tomorrow... gammbaremas-desssuu yo!
today i feel i just go back becoming old me before who i am now... weird eh... i know i dont know why..some part of me feel happy... is it because i got sleep in own bed??! hahhaha xD 
its been a while i feel like this.. mayb because of stress out with my studies..
now i feel calm and warm..

for a start read with this song along..just take the mood xP

i really love this song best friend by kiroro.. i always want to play this song with guitar but the chords is really hard and using plucking... but i wont give it up... 

i dont really know why i love this song so much whereas i dont really have best friend. Yup i dont believe in word best friend...dont get me wrong i love all my friends.. its just i dont have what i call best friends.. 
hahahha klo ckp " kau la kwan dunia akhir 2" maen2 je 2 kasi pyo ngan ayat pling cilanat je 

anyway ive been backstabbed alot since i was little... 
i was hoping i wont get a lot when i was older... of course there must be in my life but
especially not with some1 that i close with
but every1 knows that will not happen doesnt it...the more older we get the more trial will come..
the trust i put will just crushed...more friends will show more complicated relationship that wont last longer either... the path will just end...continue with the new friend, replace by replace 
....i hope there will no more trust will crush just like that... 
we gather up not to build enemy but to build more strength what we need to archive.

PS: im soryy to all my friend if ever hurt ur feeling.( this is not emotional feeling just word that i want to write)
sighhhh eversince i using corel i still dont get how to use it!!! what is the problem with this thingy??!!! O_o huhuh biase la i love blood ^^v
new hair cut!!! tp  x sejibik pnnn ! weeeeee!!! rimas nk mampus sbelum ni!!!
 i dont know how much more longer i can hold on to use corel T^T but i need to use because theres now way my old software i used to use is compitible with my lappy =(
ase nk muntah btnye!!!!ssh nk mampus!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
i feel lucky since i got better practical place than before... previous place sucks!!! they dont even have adobe dude!!! common la klo x de software 2 x yah la ambek graphic !!!
i cant believe 1st comin to that place dh kene perli2..x igt la pe die perli skit ati sgt
dh 2 nk kuar pn braiii... shii!!!! what the is wrong that mannn??!!  u use most of the student to do ur work then u want some more student.... 
1st2 je dh kne pgg bndera?? which part i study until degree in graphic to hold flag??!
ok yes we did mistake by using the thing but that didnt related what we are discuss that time!
i ammm soooo relieve its over i dont want even visit nearby that place! EVER!!!( unless klo terpakse =.=")

new place hopes will be a great place... but i didnt get same place with the person i plan before.. suppose to be 3 of us.. unfortunately we split and go our own way.. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
latest new i heard, one of my friend, he has twin brother.. unfortunately he had memory lost because an incident in his was shocking and terrible news to be heard. i feel sorry because he cant even remember himself.. not even his twin brother or other family members.. can u imagine waking up not knowing anything? it must feel so scary... but for him he has alot support and love around him.. i pray for him to recover soon.. 
but.. it mayb not a bad things... he can start a new life and mayb have different kind of life with better path.. who knows... all bad stuff and memory can be erase...
 i wish to erase past few week of my memories...
but its not good either... cause what happen in the past makes who i am now

life just need to move on...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

mr.brooks voice

feellllll illllll~~

the words that cut through my ear... the voice and hands... still will be remain.. =')
mr.brooks the only 1 i want to hear...his song makes me feel a bit relief

goodluck zam! for consumer behavio! tomorrow hope can fully reading all those notes( hahaha mmg x la klo geng nok2 blik rmai2!!!!) dont think anything else just study yoooshhh!!!!

goood luck for those taking consumer behaviour!!! we must do our best!! dont cikai2 nnt kne repeat lg T^T

Saturday, March 31, 2012


knp mask? dh aku tgh mask.....=.=" x tau tajuk r

Z: eyh knp ko brabuk ni???
LOH: dh ko x reti2 nk berus??
Z: yeke? truk sgt dh ni???
LOH: dh 2 x reti2 nk blik tulis2?
Z: eyh ko ni leh than gk arah2??
LOH: kau gile ke?
Z: asl gile plak?
LOH: ko ckp ngan aku! nk chat bangang2 g la simsimi
Z: hahhahahhahahah xD....truk sgt dh aku ni!

*mood x btul*

eheee indu plak nk type2 kt sni! maklum la tergoda ble main sims sosial td type2 "tap tap tap" lg bunyinyaaaaa =D
jd menaip la kesni...
hmmm lets see...
new addiction..... secret garden?! ehehhehehhe
hyunnnn-bin oppa! yg heroin die ummm dlu igt die cm... err x pe2 tp cumei2 22 dlam 2 eheheee cumei bnau =D

 Gil Ra Im-shiii &  Kim Joo Won >_<

 dgan tmbahan co-cast OSKA! hehehe blah kanan ye oska(iya die tua skit tp not bad gak xP) KLAKAR!!!! i loike bangat! blah kiri 2 seung ri,he make parody for this kdrama klakar gak whuahahah xD

gil ra im ngan rakannye! cumei tui kwan die ni! ngaumm!! ase nk cubit2 >_<

hahhaha cumei kn! 

ni cumei gak! tpp.. aku pn x tau kt mne de ni?? MMG la x de fan yg bt angry bird...taksub sgt fan diorng ni O.o tp x pe la cumei gak xD

 bertukar! hahaha cm ultramen je! mereka bertukar bdan 2 yg gedix 2

hahhahaha x tau la knp aku ambek silaki 2 bkn gmbo pompuan 2 agaknye cumei gak =.="
hebat gak fan diorng dlm psd O.o

HA!! gmbo je mlas gak aku nk menulis.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

my legs are KILLING me!!!!

last night was awesome!!!! hahahah my frens and i went to joe brooks trio live in kl!!!! woohoooo i had a great time with put, kils and nana!!! thx guys for coming nk sgt pg!!!! nsb de teman!!!

mr.brooks and his fren makes an awsome perf tonight!!! the crowd went WILD!!! adeh sakit kaki ku... igt cm elek2 je lagu tp!!! leh than gak fans2 diorng ni! pekak telinga aku... sdh! x dpt ambek gmbo and vid~~ ada ambek pn 1 je .. hp x canggih~~ =(
x pe la i still can focus on mr.brooks perf tho! hehehehe
i think almost 97% just focus on joe xDD and 2% to matt xP( other member) 1% bnde2 cilanat fans2 beliau =.=" hehhehe seron dpt fcous!!!

AHHH!!!! not to forgot! the best memories ever!!!! we went to stage to get autograph..some the early fans got to hug him!!! =( nk gakkk~~~ but i get handshake with mr.brooks!!!!!! ahhhh!!! cm nk jerit cm mse 2 excitedly tau! hahahahahah xDDD then he said" tq so much" (macho tau soranye) hahahahhaha pndang mata lg caayakkkkk abh la! his hand so warm~ akunye truk beku dh! nervous naek pentas hahahah xDD

hahhahaha tensen je put aku angau! hahahahaha biase laaaa exited blak dtg sni xP
anyway i think thats all for concert okay zammmie???!! paramore done! 30 seconds to mars done! mr.brooks done! lpas ni pg klo dpt free je ok?! heheheheheh pokai aku kang =.="

most of pic with put and kila later on will update with pictures!!!! =3
Love u Mr.brooks!!! XOXO nite =3

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


morning cause im writting this in 8 in the morning... jrang skali aku nk bgun awal tp bgun plak ari ni ahhahaha xD
x leh tdo lpas bg kiss2 bye2 kt parent... diorng nk bertolak ke johor ari ni.... im not going sbb de work need to be done...well its ok i just cannot sleep right now so im writing blog =)

mereka2 msh tdo.. i cannot continue sleep.. kelaut aku kang! hahahah xD
so ambek mse ni jap utk menulis blog... blog aku habuk skit ni... maklum la umah bru cm cilanat je dienye line.. so tau2 je x on9 la nmpk gayanye =.="

next month probably we going to use stremyx ...
nak cte2 skit ni~~ i already moving in new kondo.. x de la condo sgt lua flat dlm je kondo xP
tp ok sgt! sgt bahagia... i got my own room! mashi ngan aminah chot, patul ngan iznie... huhuh plek skit arrange 2 tp sje tkar arah skit... im still fobia a bit psl kebraian tdo aku... sbb 2 la x suke tdo ngan rmai orng... x pe la dh biase sorng2 pn...dri dlu mse asrama lg x slesa tdo rmai2 snarnye tp ntah tibai je la...rumah kck pn still best lg.. geng nok2 plak... tp x full nok2 walau pe2 pn still gegar umah 2 klo dh duk skali, x lrat aku nk melayan kdang2 asik golak je hahahxD... pipi je kck bdan sme je O.o

anyway suda psl umah bru bhagia dh pun! huhuh ada skit kekurangan tp leh tolak tepi... TODAY! kteorng nk pi berjuang demi sayuti! aduiii byak btul dienye keje ni!
asl smangat sgt kteorng eyh?? misai die kot~~ hahahha xD kasi UMMMP!!
GOOD LUCK for us today! semoga perjalan kteorng dipermudahkan =)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

lets sleepp Zzzzzz

sleep... my lovely body~~ XOXO

Friday, January 27, 2012


sometimes i feel ur not even related
sometimes i feel u not even the person i knew before
ur are NOT!
what happen?
u just make worst
what happen to ur family
just money?

if u think the person makes u happy. i fine with it, just dont left ur family.

Ya Allah tuhanku tolong la kembalikan dia di sisi keluarga...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

what are u so scare of?


Breaking & Entering by Tonight Alive.

: my feeling right now =( :

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


yay i got corel back... ssh btul 2 -3 ari crik info nk btul kn... new ver os x ni pyah btul la... sume x compitible T^T.. x de game!! braiii~~ nk maen gian game dash pn jd la hahhaha xD
angry birds borink la xp
yeay new painter software here i come~~ nak korek2 cre gune hahah xD
not bad tp x sme cm sai.. sai simple lg la kott this one more advance but my inspiration artist use corel so x pe la trus kn usaha eheee ... mlas lukis btul2 tgn je xP
k skang bru leh tdo tenang dpt corel hahahahhahaha xD
major x nk plak cuak truk sgt dh ko ni zammm O.o

Friday, January 6, 2012

unsettle feeling

its been few days thinking about this since i got the msg... hati x pnh nk senang... bru je abh sem laps....hati dh rasa tenang skit.. happy je... ble dpt msg ni rasa nk mrahhh je, cm nk crik pasl je! ase nk sepak2 nk trajang nk tumbuk ssume la!!

sakit hati ble bce... tp sndri bce beberapa kali T^T
of course i read it few times!!! x puas ati kot!!!! uuughhhh
i wish to draw or tell mira about it ... tp mira x dpt2 nk chatting pas2 nk lukis plan mood lukis x de la best men =(
so sni la ase nk lepas gram..
cte kt mashi cm terganggu plak ari 2.. tp dh abh dh pn..klo asik cte je pn x besh... tp die pn tau cmne, she had same experience with me... orng yg x pham2 bhase ni.

skang de orng tgh plak penyibuk!! she suppose to be on my side... why is she on the other side!!!! F***!!!!! aduiiiiiii yg pling worst i can't do anything... yela klo ngamuk bilk pn cm mengecohkn keadaan and things will getting worst... ikut kata hati nk blas blik >=O , yg lain mmg la leh bt "pndai" je diorng tebal muke... dh gado pn leh senyum2 balik, ambek gmbo sme2~~ eh eh2 DASSSssss! ... plek btul klo orng 2 dh menyusahkan x yah la nk kendeng2 lg...
uihhh bgg btull la x tau cte both side nk assume... u only hear from 1 side!!!!! and then assume I'm the problem??? ( hmm tp cm aku nk cte mmg x la) she's even not sound like the person i knew before.. berlagak gle. syg sgt dunia 2!! kemana sgt dunia 2 abh duit ada la!! say sorryy??? wak lu!!!!! aku x slah la cilanat!! mmg la cte psl aku,bruk2 kn nme de la 2... klo x, x de la nk nmpk aku yg slah. Saying im not mature... spe x mature skang rasanye...
u LOVE that person so much??!!! then go la ,why do i need to back in zone. u go ahead love all u want. people who doest appreciate other people,why do i need to appreciate back.
ntahhh laaa tgk sume je melayan die, yg x suke pn leh hugging2 bagai itu pn kte lonely lg haktui! x pnh bersyukur!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

in memory

jum dgr joe brooks kasi tenang skit ati... ('_')
let make this heart better k...

today....2nd of january ..... Alfatihah kepada arwah angah...
its been 3 years... i miss him ;(

selamat thun bru 2012...