my legs are KILLING me!!!!

last night was awesome!!!! hahahah my frens and i went to joe brooks trio live in kl!!!! woohoooo i had a great time with put, kils and nana!!! thx guys for coming nk sgt pg!!!! nsb de teman!!!

mr.brooks and his fren makes an awsome perf tonight!!! the crowd went WILD!!! adeh sakit kaki ku... igt cm elek2 je lagu tp!!! leh than gak fans2 diorng ni! pekak telinga aku... sdh! x dpt ambek gmbo and vid~~ ada ambek pn 1 je .. hp x canggih~~ =(
x pe la i still can focus on mr.brooks perf tho! hehehehe
i think almost 97% just focus on joe xDD and 2% to matt xP( other member) 1% bnde2 cilanat fans2 beliau =.=" hehhehe seron dpt fcous!!!

AHHH!!!! not to forgot! the best memories ever!!!! we went to stage to get autograph..some the early fans got to hug him!!! =( nk gakkk~~~ but i get handshake with mr.brooks!!!!!! ahhhh!!! cm nk jerit cm mse 2 excitedly tau! hahahahahah xDDD then he said" tq so much" (macho tau soranye) hahahahhaha pndang mata lg caayakkkkk abh la! his hand so warm~ akunye truk beku dh! nervous naek pentas hahahah xDD

hahhahaha tensen je put aku angau! hahahahaha biase laaaa exited blak dtg sni xP
anyway i think thats all for concert okay zammmie???!! paramore done! 30 seconds to mars done! mr.brooks done! lpas ni pg klo dpt free je ok?! heheheheheh pokai aku kang =.="

most of pic with put and kila later on will update with pictures!!!! =3
Love u Mr.brooks!!! XOXO nite =3