theres few of story of my life that i want to share.... 
i will go on practical tomorrow... gammbaremas-desssuu yo!
today i feel i just go back becoming old me before who i am now... weird eh... i know i dont know why..some part of me feel happy... is it because i got sleep in own bed??! hahhaha xD 
its been a while i feel like this.. mayb because of stress out with my studies..
now i feel calm and warm..

for a start read with this song along..just take the mood xP

i really love this song best friend by kiroro.. i always want to play this song with guitar but the chords is really hard and using plucking... but i wont give it up... 

i dont really know why i love this song so much whereas i dont really have best friend. Yup i dont believe in word best friend...dont get me wrong i love all my friends.. its just i dont have what i call best friends.. 
hahahha klo ckp " kau la kwan dunia akhir 2" maen2 je 2 kasi pyo ngan ayat pling cilanat je 

anyway ive been backstabbed alot since i was little... 
i was hoping i wont get a lot when i was older... of course there must be in my life but
especially not with some1 that i close with
but every1 knows that will not happen doesnt it...the more older we get the more trial will come..
the trust i put will just crushed...more friends will show more complicated relationship that wont last longer either... the path will just end...continue with the new friend, replace by replace 
....i hope there will no more trust will crush just like that... 
we gather up not to build enemy but to build more strength what we need to archive.

PS: im soryy to all my friend if ever hurt ur feeling.( this is not emotional feeling just word that i want to write)
sighhhh eversince i using corel i still dont get how to use it!!! what is the problem with this thingy??!!! O_o huhuh biase la i love blood ^^v
new hair cut!!! tp  x sejibik pnnn ! weeeeee!!! rimas nk mampus sbelum ni!!!
 i dont know how much more longer i can hold on to use corel T^T but i need to use because theres now way my old software i used to use is compitible with my lappy =(
ase nk muntah btnye!!!!ssh nk mampus!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
i feel lucky since i got better practical place than before... previous place sucks!!! they dont even have adobe dude!!! common la klo x de software 2 x yah la ambek graphic !!!
i cant believe 1st comin to that place dh kene perli2..x igt la pe die perli skit ati sgt
dh 2 nk kuar pn braiii... shii!!!! what the is wrong that mannn??!!  u use most of the student to do ur work then u want some more student.... 
1st2 je dh kne pgg bndera?? which part i study until degree in graphic to hold flag??!
ok yes we did mistake by using the thing but that didnt related what we are discuss that time!
i ammm soooo relieve its over i dont want even visit nearby that place! EVER!!!( unless klo terpakse =.=")

new place hopes will be a great place... but i didnt get same place with the person i plan before.. suppose to be 3 of us.. unfortunately we split and go our own way.. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
latest new i heard, one of my friend, he has twin brother.. unfortunately he had memory lost because an incident in his was shocking and terrible news to be heard. i feel sorry because he cant even remember himself.. not even his twin brother or other family members.. can u imagine waking up not knowing anything? it must feel so scary... but for him he has alot support and love around him.. i pray for him to recover soon.. 
but.. it mayb not a bad things... he can start a new life and mayb have different kind of life with better path.. who knows... all bad stuff and memory can be erase...
 i wish to erase past few week of my memories...
but its not good either... cause what happen in the past makes who i am now

life just need to move on...


  1. Wah.. entri terpjg buat masa ni... hehe... blh pun tulis pepanjang kn! hehe... btw, hidup mmg mcm tu... tp hidup ni pinjaman... yang kekal tetap 'disana'... :)


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