Thursday, May 31, 2012


yesterday we celebrate birthday one of staff here really fun since i dont have a lot of moving here hahahahaxD haaa forgot to capture this moment... =.="

 i got task too handle the cake!? hahahha that whats unexpected. well i kinda wondering why they keep interact with me alot than the other practical student... i dont really want to continue here u know even for this coming holiday i have 2nd thoughts not to continue...since the practical student said they would countinue shouldnt the staff should interactac with them? ( ha! good news to me i wouldnt be left behind alone~xD)

anyway because of this event,i eventually remember the memories of celebrating birthday....i dont want to recall the bad and embarass memories here ^^;
in teknik.. hmm celebrate =.=" kne bdak + ubat gigi
but i have twin in teknik she got the worst got soap water all over her body O.o
i saw it i quickly run before i got mess up quite timid back then so theyv dont really want to mess up with me *relief

when my birthday with family we usually went out and have dinner together.. so there wasnt crazy experince with them except... errr nahhhh i dont want to tell about it ^^;
skip it when i got into unisel....2008 i think? that year i had bad experience with art direction subjct... =.=" i have massive major felling down that time!
i even think to quit as chasing my dream as designer =.=" and that time my birthday is coming up since i have lots of thing to complete i decide not to go home and celebrate with my parent.. quite sad becuase every year never miss celebrate with them..
on that day my house mate.. the one i close mira, omma and sup... they try to make me mad whole day..yahhhhh i feel a bit depress and quite mad that time
i just had got yell from my lec back then afterwards my frens keep makes me angry i couldnt even remember my birthday that day. so then time past, on the night where we want to get so food to fulfill our hungry stomache. one of my fren keep mess up with me she took my hmm i cant remember?? (haha), then she laugh i couldnt hold back my angry almost reach 99% my voice was high and said"cepat la bg!" she laugh so more and i automatically i hit her with my purse then i walk away cause my tears almost fall, i quickly went to bathroom. honestly i was cry i feel so foolish then i wash my face to hide my foolish cry! ahaha (i feeel embarass write about this memory)
i try to act cool then laugh with my frens and they make fun of me some more at khulafa =.="
wahhhh i my heart was become more weak and weak

when we got back... i continue my assignment and time flies and i got few msg wishing my birthday... i cant remember what exactly that time then my fren start moving suspiciously they start threw me a lot of baby powder kak ain and lia also join forces O.o ohhhh i becoming real arappuchi~ hahahaxD
then they give present.. im was shocked and really happy that time. all those shiitt coming wasnt worth to be mad about hahahahxD thank you guys giving one of memories i wont forget =)
wahhhh i really miss my old house mate!!! >_<

theres a lot of my diploma memories that i caught on video... i watch back my videos that i record, i saw back when try to teach mashi drive a car =.=" i notice i keep saying "ottekhe" cam lahanattt!! hahahahhahaha i amm sooo embarass to watch back! its such of good memories thank goodness i did not erase all of them though few videos that gone because of corrupt, im not saying my new memories arent great its just old memories was nice ....

last time my birthday was quite suprise cause i didnt expected...thanks to nok2 was my great buddies when i had hardship through pak kamal subject. hahahahxD eventhough we had fun when we are now i hope u guys wont forget in the future... soon noks2 will become like my old housemate...

 nmpk sgt aku boring kt office ni siap tulis entry pnjang x sekene mene hahahahahahaxD

Sunday, May 27, 2012

world stage 2012

another concert i want to attent! ohh shittt la asl la de retis that i want to see!
i thought joe brooks is the last perf i should attent( dh tua x lrat dh g!) hhahahaxD
but this year also want to go! >_<
the problem is... well the tix... i hadnt my luck yet its been 2nd day still no luck~ ~_~
hmmm time puasa plak world stage ni... cant bring any food.. then cmne nk bukak pose??
cekik darah mkanan kt dlm 2! O.o ( adehh ptt g terawih mlam2 =.=" truk! aku ni)

but good news i think the artist lineup is not hardcore kind of music~ hehehe cm dlu de neon trees, beast hmm tau2 je la klo kpop fan kn~ tp they didnt become so wild) not to forget local artis pop shuvit and lastly 30 seconds to mars! mne x gle! all of the crowd become shitt!!! ohh i dont even want to remember how crazy and wild they got!! sume cilanat2 mntang2 aku pndek ~_~
(thank goodness beast fan wasnt there, they all just bunch of kids klo x kne lanyak, tp btul2 fan dtg utk diorng je =.=" huhuhuh) 
this timee ok laaa the local artis is nina( i was hoping yuna elek skit and nice music too xp) demand plak aku 
bieber... hmmm dont know how the fan will be thou..
the most person i want to see jay park!!! uwaaaa really cant wait!  love his  music~ but i guess i will remember his english music only lorrr~ x pham sepatah nnt klo korea~ cm beast dlu ~_~" haa x pe he will speak english anyway~ ! >_<
kara..hmm boleh laaaa kott~ -_-

aahhhhhh~~~ tp mmg menguji kesabaran ni nk mnang tix kt website die ni.... =.="
its ok la i just hoping mira got luck it too! hahahahxD
adehhh last nite i even dream i won the tix! hahahaha bgun2 ler mimpi upenye!!!! 
oo uuiiihh! truk sgt dhhhh ni! hahahaxD

Saturday, May 12, 2012

mothers day

tomorrow..err i mean today is mothers day =)
so many movies about mother will be air tomorrow that surely touching our heart about our mother

was hoping to give something my mom... but i just dont know what...

pic of her when she was younger.. the most beautiful woman to me

she always will taking care of me eventhough im old enough to take care of myself
always notice what other people wont notice
always worried
always care
always be there
always be the one 
always and always will be my mum

sometimes i feel she never lack of anything( well mayb part2 IT die kureng hihi) 
what i cant bare about my mum if she cry... always make my guilt so bad when she does that eventhough its not my fault in the 1st place

im sorry if i did made u cry..
it wasnt my intention...

theres 1 time long time ago she said"kalo akak dah besar boleh bagi mama duit ke?"
haha i laugh and said" gaji skit,skit la bg klo gaji bsar umah pn boleh bg" xP

"happy mothers day"

from the bottom of my heart
"i love u mama"

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

must watch!

kyaaaaaa!!!! resident evil retribution is coming soon!!! cant wait!!! whuuuhuu!!!

alice will come back and kill those zombie!!! >_< aduiiii x sbo asenye lmbt sgt bulan september =(
best part i heard there will be leon kennedy and jill valentine!!!! kyaaaaaa >_< awsome people will unite and shoot!!!! bang! bang! unfortunately claire wont be there ...... there are rumor said jensen ackles will be leon!! but its not him... i hope the person will be like in the game =B

hmmm i thought carlos already michelle rodriguez will comeback to life?? hmmm mayb becoming undead same as carlos.... then it wont be funn~~~ they are more suitable becoming one of the survivors though.... =.="
oohoooo i heard also mika nakashima aslo casting! but she already looks one of those undead ahhahahaah   shes too pale =.="