mothers day

tomorrow..err i mean today is mothers day =)
so many movies about mother will be air tomorrow that surely touching our heart about our mother

was hoping to give something my mom... but i just dont know what...

pic of her when she was younger.. the most beautiful woman to me

she always will taking care of me eventhough im old enough to take care of myself
always notice what other people wont notice
always worried
always care
always be there
always be the one 
always and always will be my mum

sometimes i feel she never lack of anything( well mayb part2 IT die kureng hihi) 
what i cant bare about my mum if she cry... always make my guilt so bad when she does that eventhough its not my fault in the 1st place

im sorry if i did made u cry..
it wasnt my intention...

theres 1 time long time ago she said"kalo akak dah besar boleh bagi mama duit ke?"
haha i laugh and said" gaji skit,skit la bg klo gaji bsar umah pn boleh bg" xP

"happy mothers day"

from the bottom of my heart
"i love u mama"


  1. touching nok... lawa mak ko... ratu kebaya... :D


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