must watch!

kyaaaaaa!!!! resident evil retribution is coming soon!!! cant wait!!! whuuuhuu!!!

alice will come back and kill those zombie!!! >_< aduiiii x sbo asenye lmbt sgt bulan september =(
best part i heard there will be leon kennedy and jill valentine!!!! kyaaaaaa >_< awsome people will unite and shoot!!!! bang! bang! unfortunately claire wont be there ...... there are rumor said jensen ackles will be leon!! but its not him... i hope the person will be like in the game =B

hmmm i thought carlos already michelle rodriguez will comeback to life?? hmmm mayb becoming undead same as carlos.... then it wont be funn~~~ they are more suitable becoming one of the survivors though.... =.="
oohoooo i heard also mika nakashima aslo casting! but she already looks one of those undead ahhahahaah   shes too pale =.="