world stage 2012

another concert i want to attent! ohh shittt la asl la de retis that i want to see!
i thought joe brooks is the last perf i should attent( dh tua x lrat dh g!) hhahahaxD
but this year also want to go! >_<
the problem is... well the tix... i hadnt my luck yet its been 2nd day still no luck~ ~_~
hmmm time puasa plak world stage ni... cant bring any food.. then cmne nk bukak pose??
cekik darah mkanan kt dlm 2! O.o ( adehh ptt g terawih mlam2 =.=" truk! aku ni)

but good news i think the artist lineup is not hardcore kind of music~ hehehe cm dlu de neon trees, beast hmm tau2 je la klo kpop fan kn~ tp they didnt become so wild) not to forget local artis pop shuvit and lastly 30 seconds to mars! mne x gle! all of the crowd become shitt!!! ohh i dont even want to remember how crazy and wild they got!! sume cilanat2 mntang2 aku pndek ~_~
(thank goodness beast fan wasnt there, they all just bunch of kids klo x kne lanyak, tp btul2 fan dtg utk diorng je =.=" huhuhuh) 
this timee ok laaa the local artis is nina( i was hoping yuna elek skit and nice music too xp) demand plak aku 
bieber... hmmm dont know how the fan will be thou..
the most person i want to see jay park!!! uwaaaa really cant wait!  love his  music~ but i guess i will remember his english music only lorrr~ x pham sepatah nnt klo korea~ cm beast dlu ~_~" haa x pe he will speak english anyway~ ! >_<
kara..hmm boleh laaaa kott~ -_-

aahhhhhh~~~ tp mmg menguji kesabaran ni nk mnang tix kt website die ni.... =.="
its ok la i just hoping mira got luck it too! hahahahxD
adehhh last nite i even dream i won the tix! hahahaha bgun2 ler mimpi upenye!!!! 
oo uuiiihh! truk sgt dhhhh ni! hahahaxD