early in the morning here i am writing a new entry ^_^

anyway... back to my curiosity about my knee.... its been hurt everytime when i bend my knee.... this never happen before... hmmm i've been wondering since when this happen? i think i notice it last week when i walk up the stairs i keep hurting myself....hmmmm did i stretch too much??

am i old already??! hahahahahxD no no no  >w<thats not impossible i take my calcium enough for my body!!! hmmmppp but there was nothing when im sitting. ooiiuuuuhhhhh pe bnde la bt sakit ni plek btul!
should i go check up? hmmm harapan je la~ my mom will just say kne urut je 2~~

another story~
i quiet a bit sad today since the practical student will not continue here T^T i was hoping.. my supervisor also counting on it... but my boss didnt give any response... i dont think they will continue here.. AND today is their last day~
im gonna be more lonely and bored like shiittt!
yahhhhhhhhhhh i hate the unfriendly environment but yg frenly overdose plak~ (=.=)"


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