Friday, July 20, 2012

Salam Ramadhan

another exciting month today! ase cm exited this year mayb relax skit dri assignment and sambut dengan family 1st puasa happy2 sgt2 ^_^
jauhkan la orang2 yang boleh membawa keburukan 

disni saya mahu mengucapkan SELAMAT BERPUASA to family,friends and all! di bulan ramadhan ni hrap dpat tingkat kn pahala and dosa2 kecil~
rakan2 pose jgn ponteng2 x elok 2~
 hormat menghormati la masing2~


-new obsession inspire-

finally! i get to write in my listen of heart! huhuh been bz with work O.o
anyways my feeling since mtv still here and keep burning on coming performance!! wuuhuuu
if not interested shuuss! especially anti-kpop~
k-pop fannn come, lets enjoy reading the exciting moment! whuahahahhaxD

last week on 14 july mtv world stage where the lineup artist was jay park ,justin bieber, kara and mizz nina
so many things! wanna to keep as my memory and the cd is the most precious to me! ahhahaha i NEVER buy album before hahah slalu tau2 je la kn.. but this time is to support jay park! finally i can support him not juts by words

this year i had more amazing time! hahahah probably because of jay park! >_< since the last post ive been saying about him,how amazing he become when he got out from 2pm.
heeee even when he was in the group i was looking at him xP
and still whuahahhahxD

but of course the more amazing justin bieber wellknown already... kara makes me love at them again! >_< and shes is really amazing that night!
LOL i was sitting when i knew she was coming out but then suddenly shes come out with these cool stage, better than other artist! shes rock the stage!!! woaahhhh! even i dont know the music but still lyaaaaaa~~ hahhaxD

before the perfomance begin ^D^
with them the atmosphere become more awesome moment!!!! huhuh enjoying our favourite celebrity on stage!! these girls is awesome! hhahah seron ble de mmbr enjoy bnde sme \^^/ 

jay at the stage with his charisma and hahahha love every song that he perform!!! especially "turn of your handphone"!!! kyaaaa!!! >_< my fav song in new breed album! ive been waiting so bad for his perfom that song!!!! cant believe he did!!! andd..... eheeee
 keep exciting along his performance, walaypun dh nk mampus! penat gle kaki cm dh nk reput! =.="
some how the exciting overcome my tiredness~
i keep jumping enjoying the show~(pkai heels kott!!! ase cm nk cabut kt stu gak!) tp kang ilang kemana plak kasut ngan amai bnau orng -_-
1st song was "abandone" waaahhh his 1st debt as solo artist!
then know ur name,star, girlfriend and some medley songs ,getting more exiting with his+group dance performance! woah woah WOAH!!
 lastly!!! body2body!!!! kyaaa fav song in freash breath it album!!!!
 most his song was my addicted song at this moment and he came with perfect timing! hahahaxD

the next day!!! autograph session with jay park!!! hahahha cant believe i can get autograph!!! hahahah actually this is my 1st time to get into this kind of thing... its really new for me so iznie+irin is sunbaenim dlm bnde2 ni ehee
jeles iznie dpt bg cincin kt jay!!! nyaawwwww bestnye 
ahahah die ambek pn dh happy hrap die smpan leklok ^^;
klo pkai hebat sgt 2! >_<

 while waiting the autograph session start
hahahha thx to mira capture this moment! hahahaha speechless cant believe meeting jay face to face >_<, i cant even say anything just smile =.="

capture the moment

starving and we headed to street pe ntah...i eat okonomiyaki... my mouth not very good in korea food =.=" sedih!

*peace! ^D^v

Friday, July 13, 2012


it's the reality when we grow up.... i know but still believe in the end im the one who is hurt =(
i just want it.... but too hope on in it just makes it worst.... some people might think im over reacting but i guess i just realise... but it should not be 100%.

since this is the reality then i will start to be one... im not gonna cling on something that im the only one believe in it...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


i want to get so many inspiration endless so i can do what i want comfortly! =3

haaaa my practical train is gonna end soon... at some point i feel like a bit sad and happy =)
i already get to use around there... the staff been nice to me and i feel like alive again! heheh
but i wish i could go to world stage then i will be more alive!!! whuahahahhaha jay parkk!!!! i really want to see at stage!! T^T

i need more exciting entertainment!!!  \^D^/
since i stay at more that before i dont really have people to talk with and eventually i share my daily story with my mom!!! whauahhahahahah mother and daughter time =)
it's really nice... at 1st i feel a bit ackward cause usually i share something important but this time even a little stuff i can share ehehehe ^_^

i havent draw lately... i dont really have mood to draw just doodle while doing my major task in the company... even my laptop cant support much... the lagging is really testing my patient~

soooon~~~ back to shah alam cant wait to meet my fren ^_^  buuuuuuuuuut...... i still need to finished my report =.="