i want to get so many inspiration endless so i can do what i want comfortly! =3

haaaa my practical train is gonna end soon... at some point i feel like a bit sad and happy =)
i already get to use around there... the staff been nice to me and i feel like alive again! heheh
but i wish i could go to world stage then i will be more alive!!! whuahahahhaha jay parkk!!!! i really want to see at stage!! T^T

i need more exciting entertainment!!!  \^D^/
since i stay at more that before i dont really have people to talk with and eventually i share my daily story with my mom!!! whauahhahahahah mother and daughter time =)
it's really nice... at 1st i feel a bit ackward cause usually i share something important but this time even a little stuff i can share ehehehe ^_^

i havent draw lately... i dont really have mood to draw just doodle while doing my major task in the company... even my laptop cant support much... the lagging is really testing my patient~

soooon~~~ back to shah alam cant wait to meet my fren ^_^  buuuuuuuuuut...... i still need to finished my report =.="