inspire by jane by design =D ngeeee

sometimes i feel i want to go further beyond my limit..
i should just take the risk and do that challenge me, the thrill and result could change what i am now... not just being tired from doing what i am doing now
im so flat rite now~ i dont feel the passion, the affection, the intensity of being as graphic designer.. yup i dont usually called my self a graphic design cause i dont feel like it.. i feel i havent archieve to be a graphic designer...

but i do
i love design i love colours i love space i love simple i love pattern and texture, i love the communication between visual and words that can be some meaningful tools to touch people not just for business.. 
i not very good in explaining but i wish someday through my work that can be something meaningful and can communicate and tell about anything.

i hope in the future i will grab anything that given to me, eventhough" i think i could try" would be " i can. i can do it". The more risk and not afraid of what will happen can be powerful tools to archive something.

dont let others let u down and always doing what we love =D