inspire by wide awake

everything have a reason to happen.. why things happen, why people change why the worlds is changing... its depend on us to decide whether it's for good or bad.. sometimes bad things happen because of a good reason... well example that i could think of now i feel like shit right now doing my final project well if i didnt work hard for my final i couldnt get my good result isnt it? haha
but thats just 1 example
i got angry,im happy,im cautios, im inspired, im excited probably because of someting, when i think about again, its true i dont do or feel it if i wasnt driven by something that push me..

i feel suffocated from these minds that full of question thinking about reason that happen. thinking too much might lead me to -ve thoughts so i just might draw my attention to another stuff.. 

"The reason I talk to myself is that I'm the only one whose answers I accept." 
i couldnt agree more about this phrase.