yaaaa i need my spirit back in the game
need more inspiration.. =.="
due to exhausting period that i have been through..i need to restore my spirit over again that lacking with unnecessary disruption

lets get into one direction ,greyson chance( love his voice~) and a fine man brandon routh! hahahhahahxD been crazy about him lately! heee sooo hot xP

since my cousin recommended their album, i love it! i mean yaaaa they are younger than me but still i kinda like their song( i admit they are cute whuahahah xD)
ohh right not to forget paramore is coming~ ya awesome right!
eventho a bit sad cause the farro's brother wont be there T^T
but still awesome they coming~~~ u u uuuu!!! ngeeee =D
oh! ya im totally into this band since my fren recommended them.. a bit emm well just google it u'll know..
awesome music from pretty reckless! LOVE THEM! just come to malaysia already~ >_<

some motivation that i need~

" Life without uncertainty is like skipping to the last page of a book when you're only on chapter 3 -- it defeats the purpose of everything in between."

" If you want it, don't wait for it to come to you; just go get it."

" Having greater expectations is not only my motivation, but also my life dream."

" Wishing you were someone else is a waste of the person you are."

" Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and realize what you deserve."

" The past is the past and you can't change that. So live for the present and look towards the future, because this shapes what kind of person you are going to be."