new experience

i have interesting day this week, i suppose to write this earlier but got caught up with loads of work! i cant imagine in my 1st week of work already got 2-3 project to work on...=.=" and after i finished i have like 2-4 more project on the line~ uughhh i only have 3 month prohibitions and if i mess up i might end up getting fired! =.=" the boss said they dont actually need graphic designer so thats the reason I'm in the prohibitions~

Alhamdullilah i already start working and it was amazing company to start with...i was about to give up and start to relax finding jobs as graphic designer. I got so boring and annoyed with these interview but nothing in return~ and finally the last 2 interview i had in the same was unexpected calls. Both of the company actually offer me a job.  I was like in dilemma whether which one i should go, the nearer or the other one with really interesting place?
When i think what i want in the 1st place and what was i searching , so i choose the best for me and just think the positive side that i can gain in the company.
The place is amazing full with nice people even the boss! but of course is me the one always afraid with boss and keep mumbling and do silly things. What is more surprise i got a student in my 1st week!! dude! its me the one should be learning not the other way around 0.o"  
Well she's is great and makes me feel a bit ease cause i have like a partner and that is awesome~ hehehe
im totally gonna need to improve my english because i really hate the pause between my speak! its the worst things ,i feel like i want punch into my face every time i mess up my speech~ 

i probably become the MOST boring person there~ because i keep silent and my shyness keep growing especially when the boss is around~ >////<
on my 1st day i had like a discussion or should i call brainstorming between the staff and there comes a big headache! i cant keep up man~ i didn't know the hell is going on! the funny part i was just like nod ALL the time!  hahahhaxD
1st day - tooooootally down.

went out with my new sister in law and my cousin! really awesome day!
had really good time! ^_^

learning to play on rainy days~
50% got it edy! ^^v


  1. Way to go girlfriend! Don't worry, you can do it... With good people around you, it wouldn't be a problem to you... All the best! Try to endure your shyness... hehehe...
    ( Kalo ko malu, aku lagi berkali ganda malu nak berdpn dgn org... adoiyai... camne nk hilangkan penyakit ni??) T^T

    1. ahahhahahxD yeke ko pemalu~ aku ase ko lg ajin menginterview orng leh tye dlam2~ lg

      well good luc jua for what u doing now ^^


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