1st week of April

My mom said did u get any april trick for today? well the truth is i do NOT celebrate april fool but i do think whether i will get any april fool today because u know, the company was full with u know. Luckily i didnt get any~ ^^"

And if i may i have a great start for this month yeay! i feel great waking up in the morning and drive to office. Eventhough i did came early, i mean way too early! i was about 1 hour early because i thought i would be caught in traffic jams. There was a lot of car but still not that bad because i reach the office in abou 20-30 minutes. My boss already back from a trip and i get nervous a bit but better still shy but not with my partner, i did open few conversation =.=" haha this is sound so silly(i hope there no one is reading this from my company) so embarrassing~

I still have not received any document to sign~ a  bit worried and my parent like asking the same question everytime i went back. Moreover, the staffs were busy all the time! i could not ask because i was also preoccupied with other things and at the same time teaching my partner O.o.
I think i get really bad migraine lately @-@
i mean really bad! not like was when im still in university. I felt like throw up after work. It was not that stress working there, but it just maybe me who are thinking too much and keep worried.

well thats for today, let sleep!