awesome day!

today was really unexpected day at all and turn out a great day!
as usual i was continuing my jobs and then i heard they like preparing for guest this morning. At some point i heard zizan name hee!
then i try to heard properly and which true that he was coming! hahahha
i get so excited!! 
i cant focus and so sudden few of them was like teasing me for getting exited including my boss! O.o Woaah!

i was a big deal because i did say to my friend that just before i start working that i might meet zizan was my courage and one of reason to choose this job xDD( x sangke cpt sgt jmpe ha!)
i was sooo nervous i cant even say "nice to meet you" or talk to him
i was like nod and smile and keep nod again haha
the moment he step in, i cant even do my work, i keep like looking my phone whether i should take his picture( OMG! i sounds like pervert *^*)
ohhh btw!! he did mention that he become the duta for the xperia z!!! dude! i feel honor~
i should be stop talking or i will sound like really obsess fangirl =.="
 my mom actually laugh when she heard my story who did i meet today( well i feel great because since she is my mom but can be my friend too... i shared stories with her,i do not do that before,  maybe i was young and immature about it)

ya i got this with own money! hhahahha 
there was an event at startbucks so i thought of hang out a bit. Catching some stuff i had really good time today =)

i should be writing more but i am so tired today~ and happy too of course~
Writing properly was the reason behind to start back my blog regularly

i going to bed~ 

thats all for today. =)


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