late night


Since i do not feel really sleepy i thought i want to write something tonight. Today i meet my cousin, she eventually living in Shah Alam and very not that far from my rented house. So i thought she is here i would like to meet her and its been a while.

Afterward i meet my friend near the curve but end up we hang out quite far O.o, i wish i could know a lot of place so i can just hang out  you know. It is very nice place, very lovely the environment so beautiful and it does not like other place to eat food.
i really like but i have no idea to capture the whole restaurant  called "i cant remember shoot!"heee =D
the place to sit was really different there were place that have cushion, metal chair, wood and each place was different. I am not sure whether the restaurant open until when but probably late night.
The price? hmmm i think probably around secret place or more? huhuhhu not really sure because i just order drink. I went there with my friend was late already so i dont really want to eat heavy food. The place is quite far you know, i meet her at curve then go to this place?! O.o it is like going back and forth for her. 

And she gave it to me as a thanks let her car park at my place. It was not that big deal because it just one car and i literally did not do anything =.=" But it is really cute still can buy gift while she was on assignment. I probably do not remember anything while doing anything T^T
Although in my office got have a lot of work i still can think about other stuff, but when i used to study and keep having memory lost hahah. I cant remember or thinking to much and end up sleeping a lot but not a proper time. 

ohhh i am getting sleepy i should go to bed now~

Till again nite =3