i totally forgot to write last night, i had stuff in mind so lazy to open my lappy~
huhuhhu seeing my lappy in work definitely makes me wanna to have distance for a while in a day

remember this patrik! hahaha cm paprik bunyinye
i just notice that i had this for 5 years already. i bought it in the early of my diploma years. i bought it with nisa and she takes spongebob and i will take patric. I love him so much in spongebob! he is sooo funny! the best momment when he was like "uuhhhhh" and some more "uhhhhhhhhhh" and a little drool on his mouth makes me love him so bad! hahahhaxD
but some poeple wont see it because i dont usually makes obsess things in my life. It just not me, i looks too weird. 
Yesterday this little guy was been passing all around the office, they wanted to transfer and transfer stuff and i was like asking the 1st person who borrowed it" umm just checking u did have my pendrive right?" i was soo worried , thats so silly! 
and today he ask for it so politely! O.o woahhh malu gle
he must be thinking im gonna worried again taking the pendrive
and also this 1 guy... i need something from him and i gave him my pendrive and he said" ohh this was urs?" i thought who was it attach with worn patric on it. (worn patrik??!! =.=" sedih!) haha
FYI the pendrive was not from the same year i bought patrik, i used to lose my pendrive because it was too small and i put patrik so i will be easy to locate it.

this is my latest project.. ice cream yum! 
i dont do drawing so much in this company just design but still love th jobs
still miss drawing~ -.-
i think my lappy getting slow ~_~
taking few minutes to save~
should i upgrade my ram?? 
T^T bru igt nk beli ukulele~ ive been dying to buy it
saw it in the paradigm mall with my cousin! and the promoter use the thingy to play jason mraz song, 
lg la!
ouhhh since then the ukulele was in my head! O.o
my pause are still here....
i need to clear the pause T^T

thats all for now~
till next story =3


  1. Hamboiiii.. ukulele tau.. beli la nokk beli! leh join sama2 ngan aku lepas ni! hehehehe

    1. eyh nok ko bkn dh de ukulele ke? hahahaxD nk beli la ni nokk tggu clear gaji je ni xP


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