Old Stories

Recently I was so inspire by this movie call the "The perks of being a wallflower".
The movie actually reminds me of my OLD me where i dont speak much and always having trouble within my self or people around me. Somehow when i try to remember what happen when i was younger and i could not remember any incident in the past. All i knew that i was in bad situation. 
But some people might say you cant judge people by their past because the past make who they are now. Makes who i am now, where i am standing now, all my past was part of me and have no regrets.

The perks of being a wallflower 
directed by the author of the novel,Stephen Chbosky.
Great movie! Cant wait to read the book! >_<

My 2 favorite inspirations!
Keeps me boost all day long!
( I could not open the plastic! syg gle hahaxD)

I was trying to find the wallflower books and lucky me popular having a sale! Ha got new books! =D
There was a woman talked to me when i was holding a book "to kill a mockingbird" she said that it was really good book, and we were talking and talking( cam kenal dah lama je) so i decided to buy the book =.=" hahah cpt btul tergoda.

I also bought "terjemahan AL-Quran" actually when i was talking to one of my colleague, she said that she can understood Al-Quran, well of course its her language after all. Somehow i feel shes so lucky shes reading Al-Quran, every surah or ayat like reading books while im using it in daily life but i dont even know the meaning.
I feel offended. 

My favorite quote in the movie.

                                                                                                                                                                           - -


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