International Women's Day

There are so many woman that i admire and inspire by who they are and their stories.
Do you have a favorite person in the world?
well i mean favorite it does not mean other woman i do not love or ignore.

i have a favorite person that i look after…a woman or should i say a girl. She is just normal person nothing special but in my eyes she is amazing person, so many things that she did not even realize how amazing she is. Her mind is so kind, and generous, so different... i couldn't say that when i am older i wanna be like her because she is actually younger than me! hahahahxD

credit:whoever own this photo

My friend and were talking about woman in a month they have unstable emotion. Im not saying woman is weak but we are made to be soft , weaker in physical but i believe we are strong inside. Being independent doesn't mean we don't need a man in our life. There are reason why were made in different gender. Hoping we are not being look down by man and woman should not be hard of themselves to be something you cant be.

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